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Oxfam Hong Kong strives to develop and nurture civil society organisations through programmes of poverty alleviation, community development and nurturing civil society organisations. Photo: Oxfam Hong Kong

Civil society organisations (CSOs) are platforms that help make the voice of vulnerable communities heard and facilitate their participation. On the road to develop China's civil society, the grassroots CSOs are an important force to unite the poor and the marginalised and disadvantaged groups, make their voice louder and exert influence. In addition of building the capacity of CSOs, Oxfam Hong Kong also support the establishment of supportive organisations in a number of provinces, to provide capacity building, exchange and learning opportunities for local CSOs. At the same time, we create a favorable environment for civil society’s sustainment and development through promoting supportive policies and measures and public recognition.



Civil Society Management Training in Anhui Province

The training was held in August 2015 and participated by 36 leaders and core members from 14 partner organisations from civil society all over Anhui. It is hoped that the CSOs are able to provide more professional and diversified services through enhancing organisations’ management capacity.

A wide range of topics were covered in the training, including preparing work plan from the perspective of institutional management, highlighting a project budget and final accounts by comparing the financial management of three economic entities namely business, government and civil society organisations; and how to develop a reasonable budget standards, etc. All of these are the essential professional knowledge that any startup CSO must grasp.

Positive Cycle – Cases of NGO Operating Model, in support of the Sustainment and Development of Grassroots Organisations

Grassroots organisations are an effective vehicle for making the marginalised groups heard and empowered. Thus, over the years Oxfam Hong Kong has been striving to support the development of local civil society organisations. In 2015, Oxfam Hong Kong’s partner released the outcome of the “Research on the Operation Model of Local NGOs in China" project. Lasting for one and a half years, this research focused 11 representative CSOs in the Mainland, conducted an in-depth study on the situation and problems faced by the local civil society organisations and the solutions, further refined and summarised the key elements and conditions under various operating models.

The research results are expected not only to inspire appropriate forms and methods to support the grassroots organisations, to influence the funding strategies of funding organisations, but also to provide a significant reference for grassroots organisations to explore a more appropriate operation model out of their own conditions.