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Oxfam initiated the Integrated Community Development Project in Tiezhangtang community, Weining county of Guizhou province. By promoting a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly production through a participatory approach, we have encouraged community self-organisation and sustainable livelihoods development. Photo: LEI Guang Qing/Oxfam

Building sustainable livelihoods provides a way out of poverty. Our work concentrates strategically on western provinces such as Yunnan, Gansu and Guizhou, where our rural livelihood programmes focus on four major areas: increasing incomes, disaster relief and risk reduction, climate change adaptation, as well as community self-organisation and management.

Oxfam advocates a community-driven approach to manage our projects. Rural households can participate in the management of the projects including their design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, so that the resources can benefit the poorest households and improve their livelihoods more effectively.

Participatory Rural Development in Lucha village, Gansu Province

Lucha village is among the most impoverished villages in Huining County, Gansu Province. The village used to lack access to drinking water and its economic development lagged behind. Through our participatory approach, Oxfam and a partner organisation assessed the needs of the villagers, advanced animal husbandry, provided animal breeding training, improved villagers’ income as well as supported construction of wells. Most importantly, the project successfully encouraged villagers’ want to sustainably develop their community.

Villagers voluntarily took part in the project and made their own decisions on how the village should develop. They elected among themselves representatives of the project management committee to monitor and evaluate the process together with the project households to ensure transparency and equity. Villagers are now more capable and confident in self development.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Livelihoods Development in Beidiu Community, Guizhou Province

The Beidiu Community Integrated Community Development Project began in Rongjiang County, Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province, in August 2014. It facilitated the participation of the community in exploring and proposing action plans for their own development. Through constructing roads that link up households, introducing wood-saving hygienic stoves, educational exposure trips, production demonstrations as well as agricultural skills training, energy consumption was significantly reduced and the livelihoods of the community improved greatly.


Participatory Capacity Building Workshop on Women's Health Education in Zhangjiayao Village, Gansu Province

More than 30 women from Zhangjiayao Village and Longquan Township of Yuzhong County participated in the workshop, which was held in January 2015. The workshop aimed to equip the women with knowledge to prevent common diseases and have them share that knowledge with their villages.

The training session involved participatory methods including group discussions, interactive games, role play and drawing. Facilitators taught in the local dialect which promoted women’s participation and understanding. Action plans on health promotion in villages were developed and practised. Most of the participants expressed their plans to share what they learnt with their villages.

‘Getting to Zero’: the 28th World AIDS Day Campaign

Over 20 AIDS agencies and community organisations, including Oxfam’s partners, attended the event held in December 2015 in Kunming, Yunnan province. Through the distribution of promotional materials and free condoms, exhibition display , health counselling services and such, we increased public awareness of AIDS prevention and treatment, and discouraged discrimination against HIV-infected and AIDS patients to help create a better social environment for AIDS affected people.