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  • Population: 169 million (July 2015 est.)
  • Human Development Index: 142 (among 188 countries)
  • GDP per capita: US$3,400 (2014 est.)
  • Population below poverty line: 31.5% (2010 est.)

Sources: CIA – The World Factbook (as of 30 December, 2015), Human Development Report 2015


Oxfam in Bangladesh

Oxfam’s involvement in Bangladesh began in 1970 when it assisted the then cyclone victims and supported the displaced people of Bangladesh during the Liberation War in 1971. In recognition of our work in 1971, Oxfam was one of only three organisations honoured as a Friend of the Bangladesh Liberation War in 2012. In 2013-14, Oxfam helped 250,000 people in Bangladesh.


Our work's focus

Gender justice – Empower women to protect their rights, gain control of resources, speak up against violence, and ensure their access to the public and political sphere.
Education – Enhance the quality of education for all, enabling more girls and young women to have sustained access to quality education.
Secure livelihoods – Increase food and income security for the most marginalised people through increased resilience of their communities and livelihoods.
Humanitarian response – Help vulnerable people to better cope with and adapt to disasters through preparedness programmes and improved policies, and assist them in long-term recovery.


Impact of our work

‘In bad times, I could not get anyone to help me. If we make a group in our village, we can help each other.’

Riba Rani (Right), 30, lives with her ten-year-old son in Sunamgonj district. Fourteen years ago, she was abandoned by her husband and was rejected by her siblings when she was pregnant. Since 2008, she and 50 women and men have been a part of a self-help group funded by Oxfam in the village. They have received farmer, health and sanitation training, and learnt about stopping child marriage and violence against women. With the support she received, she was able to improve her life and regain dignity and respect.