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Raised: HK$2,200Target: HK$394,000

Xinzhai Village of Guizhou is located in the hinterland of Wuling Mountain – the poorest region in China – where people live under the poverty line. In 2005, the villagers built a road that connects Xinzhai with nearby villages. However, the road has worn out over time and become bumpy and muddy; part of it has even collapsed. A railway passes through the village and people are used to walking on the tracks as they go in and out of the village. However, that has resulted in numerous accidents and nine people have been killed by a running train since 2009. Oxfam plans to assist the villagers to reconstruct the road so that the villagers will not have to walk on the tracks anymore; and with better access to the outside world, their livelihoods can also be improved. Please donate and help improve the safety and livelihoods of the people of Xinzhai!

Raised: HK$322,046Target: HK$371,591

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2Q 連續第 3 年為樂施會籌款, 感激大家百忙中來與 2Q 慶祝 5 歲及 4 歲生日. 希望再一次打破籌款紀錄!

Raised: HK$4,600Target: HK$6,000
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