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Oxfam aims to improve people's access to land, forests and water for rural communities so that they can ensure their sustainable livelihoods. To achieve this, it is necessary to make the voices of women and men in rural communities heard when decisions are being made about natural resource management and food security. (Photo: Oxfam in Laos)

  • Population: 6.9 million (July 2015 est.)
  • Human Development Index: 141 (among 188 countries)
  • GDP per capita: US$5,000 (2014 est.)
  • Population below poverty line (PPP $1.25-a-day line): 30.3% (2012 est.)

Sources: CIA – The World Factbook (as of 6 January, 2016), Human Development Report 2015


Oxfam in Laos

Oxfam started working in Laos towards the end of the 1980s; we partnered with government agencies and local authorities to implement livelihoods programmes for vulnerable communities. After the end of the Cold War, Oxfam increasingly improved the capacity of civil society organisations to dialogue on an equal footing with the government and the private sector. Since 2013, 23 villages in the regions of Kasi and Hom, Laos, have been better equipped to deal with earthquakes and floods, with the help of Oxfam.


Our work's focus

Communities' access to and control over natural resources

- Empower the civil society to ensure greater food security and sustainable development.

- Our Work:

- Reflections:

Photo caption: This is a market information board. Oxfam Hong Kong has partnered with Committee for Cooperation with Laos (CCL), discussed with the villagers about the crop prices on the market information board, in order to make them better informed of up-to-date market information during price negotiation with traders.

Gender equality - Encourage greater participation of women in the political, economic and social spheres, and the reduction of violence against women.

Photo caption: No matter where one is in the House Learning for Development (LHD) in Vientiane, Laos, one breathes the air of all knowledge. Oxfam shoulder LHD developing an information sharing system and providing the required training.

Disaster management

- Provide training for authorities and the population on disaster risk reduction and emergency response.

- Our Work: Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Reduction and Relief, and Resilience Building Programme in Laos (2015-12-02)

Photo caption: This is a rice bank in a Laos’s village located closely to Yunnan, to cope with the rice shortage.

Participation and Engagement - Promote the conditions that allow for real participation of vulnerable communities and civil society in general

Photo caption: Oxfam Hong Kong’s partner, Committee for Cooperation with Laos (CCL), was having a meeting with the villages in Laos, encouraging villages to take part in the community affairs.


Impact of our work:

“We transform banana slices in batches; I would never have been able to accomplish this by myself. Instead of selling the fruit in one piece, I can now sell slices separately.”

Mrs. Bounpheng lives in Pongsong, Laos, facing the challenges of livelihood and poverty. Though the country is rich in natural resources, Bounpheng and other Laotian farmers could barely access to natural resources due to lack of legal protection and right to be heard. With the support of Oxfam, Bounpheng and hundreds of other small farmers have organized themselves together, and attended training in organic farming techniques. Her income has improved significantly as she can now sell slices for 50,000 kip, instead of a duster of bananas in 20,000 kip (about 2 Euros).