Oxfam Launches CHINA VOICES to Speak Out Against Poverty in Mainland China

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Oxfam Hong Kong has given expression to a range of CHINA VOICES, by launching a book of stories and photographs that features the views and accounts of people whom Oxfam has met in 23 years of anti-poverty work in Mainland China. The publication depicts the lives of farmers, women, migrant workers, ethnic minorities and community workers in China's impoverished rural areas.

The 170-page CHINA VOICES is a collection of people's stories – a village drama troupe in Henan province that challenges gender stereotypes; a rock band of migrant workers in Beijing that amplifies labour laws; a non-profit group called LOVE that inspires middle-class Shanghai youth to take action; government units in Guangxi province that address poverty through community participation; rural residents in Yunnan that tackle poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism and suicide.

Oxfam Hong Kong supports a range of development and relief projects in China, such as integrated village development, organizational development, income generation projects, small-scale infrastructure projects, health care, capacity building, policy promotion and education.

Oxfam works with farmers and villagers to plan and implement projects for rural development. We support migrant workers through training in job-related skills. We work with women to prevent domestic violence and promote gender equality. We assist minority groups in preserving their culture through bilingual curriculum development and other projects. In the aftermath of disasters, we pay attention to specific needs by providing easy-to-chew food for elderly people and infants and familiar foods for ethnic groups.


CHINA VOICES will be available in early July at Swindon Books, Kubrick Book Stores, Hong Kong Readers and Oxfam's online shop.

For media enquiries or interviews, please contact:
Cindy Leung (Communications Officer)
HK Tel:  3120 5280 
Email: cindyl@oxfam.org.hk


Photos from CHINA VOICES 

About half of China’s impoverished people are an ethnic minority. Cai La, 75, Tibetan, lives in Qinghai, where winters are eight months long.
(Photo: Jockey Cheung)
Electricity for the first time in a village near the China-Myanmar border (early 2000s). (Photo: Oxfam Hong Kong)
Young farmers in mainland China. (Photo: Oxfam Hong Kong)