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Latest youth programmes

Oxfam believes that everyone can be an active agent in making a better world.

Through a great deal of various youth training programme, we strive to raise youngsters awareness on poverty and justice issues and to build up their sense of global citizenship.

We also co-organize teacher trainings and workshops with Education Bureau and local schools. Through the comprehensive programme teachers can exchange different teaching methods with others, and explore different issues on globalization, food justice, climate change and poverty.

Teacher Development Programme ─ Vietnam


Educaitonal workers from Hong Kong and Macau visited Vietnam to learn more about how climate change affects the farming activities and livelihood, as well as how Oxfam worked with the government officials and villages to cope with the challenges. We also visited different fair trade partners with a view to understand their principles and missions.

Date:25-30 December 2015

Teachers’ sharing:

  • Oxfam’s staffs were enthusiastic and devoted. The itinerary was planned appropriately. Not only did we meet local villagers and NGO staff, but also a group of passionate teachers from Hong Kong and Macau. Staying whole day in the village was such an unforgettable memory for me.

    Cheung Wong, CCC Kei Chi Secondary School

  • There were different workshops to prepare us well before visiting Vietnam. Supplementary information, which I didn’t even know about as a teacher, was constantly provided during the trip. This has enriched my teaching experience and helped improve my teaching quality.

    Will Law, HKMLC Queen Maud Secondary School

  • The trip provided me new perspective on world issues. More importantly, I met Oxfam and the other teachers from Hong Kong and Macau, whom I could learn from and share with. Different ideas and views regarding the issues were discussed among us. This meant a lot to me and I valued it a lots.

    Xiaoyu, year 4 student from University of Macau - Faculty of Education


    Partners share their understanding and missions on fair trade
    Contingency plan exercise
    Teachers sharing
    Training on handicrafts making
    Travelling to visit bees-feeding project
    Photo with Vietnamese families and officials