• Use of donations

    We are grateful for the generosity of our donours who have contined to support us under the chanllenging fundraising environment and we aim to allocate as much funds as possible to programmes. In 2016/17, we invested the most in our programmes over the past five years: HK$247.5million.

  • Oxfam Towerrun

    The Oxfam TowerRun is a fundraising sports event in Macau organised by Oxfam in Macau. Participants will take up the challenge of running up 1,298 steps from the ground floor of Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre to the adventure deck on the 61st floor. Oxfam aims to raise funds through the Oxfam TowerRun to support its poverty alleviation and humanitarian relief work worldwide.

  • Oxfam Shop

    Oxfam Shop is temporarily closed for renovation. We will post information of its latest development shortly. Thank you for your support and stay tuned!

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mr Evani Chow on 3120 5211 or

  • Oxfam Blog - 人道主義救援發錢好還是發放物資好,凱薩琳的故事能給你答案


  • ‘Poverty. Full-time: An art exhibition on working poverty’ (VR)

    ‘Poverty. Full-time: An art exhibition on working poverty’ aimed to present the hardships these workers experience and expose the injustices they face. It was well-received by people from different walks of life. We now set up a VR version of the exhibition, extending our advocacy work online, round the clock, with more representations and discussions.

  • Oxfam Blog - 為開珍珠奶茶店而努力 – 台灣移工的故事 (Chinese Only)

    來自印尼的Vevi Elviyani Apandi,她曾經到台灣從事照顧長者的工作,因緣際會下,她參加了由樂施會夥伴機構One-Forty舉辦的「移工人生學校」活動,從中學懂了規劃生涯的能力,又認識了其他移工,令她在打工外,找到一塊更廣闊的天空——朝著開珍珠奶茶店的夢想進發!

  • Inequality Breeds Poverty (Chinese Version Only)


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