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    特別鳴謝樂施大使 森美 聲音導航

  • 逢二進一:如何與北韓人交流合作 講座

    講者: 劉月珍女士、陳成軍先生

    為了進一步理解和北韓人接觸甚至合作的經驗,並以獨特視角探討今日北韓社會,GLO Travel 與樂施會合辦講座,探討在北韓舉辦交流、義工計劃的挑戰,以及進行人道救援計劃的情況。

  • Use of donations

    We are grateful for the generosity of our donours who have contined to support us under the chanllenging fundraising environment and we aim to allocate as much funds as possible to programmes. In 2016/17, we invested the most in our programmes over the past five years: HK$247.5million.

  • Oxfam Shop

    Here at the Oxfam Shop, we’re proud to bring you a world of quality through Oxfam’s Fair Trade products as well as locally produced products from various social enterprises. We’re bringing you everything from delectable chocolates that melt on your tongue to the perfect cup of coffee to wake you up again. More than that though, Oxfam Fair Trade guarantees a long-term collaboration with cooperatives. Through purchasing these products, you’re supporting small producers and farmers, and are helping to building a better world.
    We will post information of its latest development shortly.
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mr Evani Chow on 3120 5211 or

  • 小農面對種種不平


    目前全球有8.15億人要每天餓著肚皮入睡,即全球每9 人中便有一人,當中大部份是發展中國家的小農。原來,當你喝一杯咖啡,花上數十元時,種咖啡小農只得到1%的回報!

    造做改變,Be an Oxfam Shopper!