(Oxfam/ Tai Ngai Lung)

Oxfam works for a fairer society in Hong Kong and all over the world. We believe that an affluent city like Hong Kong should guarantee a decent life for all citizens. Yet, according to’ Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2015’, almost 14.3 per cent of Hong Kong’s population – nearly 1 million people – lived in poverty in 2015. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Hong Kong has the widest gap between rich and poor of the 38 ‘very high human development’ economies in the world.

Oxfam believes that the sign of success should be a narrowing of the gap between rich and poor people, and that the success of a city should not depend on exploiting people at the lowest end of the economy. In a fair society, nobody should be left behind in growth, development and prosperity.

Oxfam has been active in Hong Kong since the 1970s and set up its domestic programme in 1996, supporting local organisations through project support and funding. Through the years, we have focused on the rights of ethnic minorities, on intergenerational poverty, as well as on working and elderly poverty. Oxfam also works to influence companies to improve their policies and practices and avoid harming people and the environment. We released research on the CSR performance of Hang Seng Index constituents, advocated for regulatory bodies to raise ESG reporting standards. Furthermore, through promoting CSR, Oxfam aims to encourage ethical consumption decisions and investment choices.