China and the Developing World

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As a nation, China continues to grow as an investor, trading partner, provider of aid and finance, and source of development experience for developing countries, especially those in Africa and Southeast Asia.

The Oxfam Hong Kong’s China and the Developing World (ChinaDev) Programme advocates for the government and corporations in China to be a progressive force for development in these countries and to contribute to the responsible well-being of communities there. It places a particular focus on the rights to sustainable livelihoods and to the security of poor women and men in those countries by promoting development and investment policies and practices that are pro-poor, pro-equity and sustainable. We achieve this by working with partner organisations to make improvements in both China and the countries that are impacted. This includes promoting positive changes in governance and corporate and industry practices. It also involves strengthening civil society so that it can engage with government departments, companies and industry players, and hold them accountable.

Oxfam Hong Kong began the ChinaDev Programme in 2011, so the programme is relatively young and is evolving. This work is a new area undertaken by Oxfam Hong Kong and is still under development. A current focus is on influencing issues related to Chinese overseas agricultural investments.