Africa Food Crisis

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STOP the Food Crisis in Africa.
Take action NOW to save lives.

The drought in East Africa triggered a food crisis: millions of people faced hunger, and in some parts, famine.  Thousands of needless deaths occurred and millions of extra dollars were spent because the international community failed to take early and decisive action despite several warnings from humanitarian agencies.  Oxfam wants to stop the food crisis from escalating in West Africa. Already, over one million children are at risk of acute malnutrition, farmers' harvests are severely reduced, food prices are inflated, and about 18.4 million people are at risk of hunger.  Urgent action must be taken NOW, and Oxfam ask for your action too.  (Click this and see the animation)

Oxfam will assist about 1.2 million people through the crisis.  Together with one-off supplies, we will also support their livelihoods and assist them to prevent, prepare and cope with crises.  To achieve our goal, Oxfam needs about HK$280 million in which around HK$3 million will be raised in Hong Kong.

Affected areas Oxfam’s humanitarian aid and livelihood support Number of beneficiaries
Burkina Faso
  • Run “cash-for-work”* programmes
  • Provide fodder for pastoralist communities to ensure sustainable livelihoods
  • Run “cash-for-work” programmes*
  • Distribute emergency food supply
  • Offer cash relief
  • Provide agricultural assistance and veterinary support for livestock
  • Construct and repair wells
  • Promote public health
Mali (north)
  • Offer cash relief
Mauritania (west and north)
  • Provide fodder for pastoralist communities to ensure sustainable livelihoods
  • Offer cash relief
  • Construct and repair wells
  • Develop water/sanitation programmes
  • Support a vegetable garden cooperative run by women and assist with irrigation infrastructure
  • Distribute cash vouchers for at-risk families in Tillabery and Tahoua
  • Develop water/sanitation programmes
  • Restore grain banks and public buildings
  • Offer cash relief
  • Run “cash-for-work” programmes*

*There are community infrastructure projects whereby residents work in exchange for cash support.

Oxfam has already assisted 2.9 million people in crisis across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia with humanitarian aid.
We also provided support for their livelihoods.

We can prevent this food crisis from escalating with your support.  Your donation is crucial in helping these communities in need.

(Last update: 18/6/2012)