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In East Africa, countries like South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are being threatened by a severe food crisis. To date, around 20 million people across these four countries are starving. Unless urgent action is taken, the situation will deteriorate, and the number of deaths and those affected will drastically increase.

The clock is ticking

Tens of millions of people in East Africa are starving and in critical need of humanitarian relief.

We are currently responding to the crisis in the affected countries and have stepped up our relief efforts, but we need your help.

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Should there be any unused donations from this public appeal, Oxfam will use the funds for other emergency, rehabilitation, or community development projects in other places.

Latest Situation in Ethiopia

- Among Ethiopia’s 99 million people, 5.6 million people are facing severe hunger

- An estimated 9.2 million people will not be able to have regular access to safe drinking water in 2017

- An estimated 300,000 children will become severely acutely malnourished in 2017

- Over 600,000 displaced people are already in need of support and this figure is expected to rise


Oxfam's Responses in Ethiopia

- We are helping over 510,000 people as well as 156 schools and hospitals, by providing safe, clean water – this satisfies a quarter of the demand for water in the Somali region

- We are aiming to reach a total of a million people with water, sanitation and cash transfers for food, and to help keep their livestock alive by March 2018

- Since the drought began in November 2015, Oxfam has reached 700,000 people in the region