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In East Africa, countries like South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are being threatened by a severe food crisis. To date, around 20 million people across these four countries are starving. Unless urgent action is taken, the situation will deteriorate, and the number of deaths and those affected will drastically increase.

The clock is ticking

Tens of millions of people in East Africa are starving and in critical need of humanitarian relief.

We are currently responding to the crisis in the affected countries and have stepped up our relief efforts, but we need your help.

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Should there be any unused donations from this public appeal, Oxfam will use the funds for other emergency, rehabilitation, or community development projects in other places.

Latest Situation in Kenya

- Among Kenya’s 46 million people, 2.6 million people are facing severe hunger. Near 40,000 people in Kenya have also been displaced

- The Arid and Semi-Arid Lands, and coastal areas have been most severely affected

- Among Kenya’s 47 counties, malnutrition rates in four counties stand at 20 per cent; rates in one area reached 30.3 per cent, which is significantly higher than the critical rates of Global Acute Malnutrition (15 per cent) according to the WHO Crisis Classification


Oxfam's Responses in Kenya

In Kenya, we have/are:

- Repaired and rehabilitated boreholes which are now providing water to over 282,000 people in Wajir and Turkana counties

- Mapping water sources in need of maintenance and rehabilitation

- Installing solar pumping systems in strategic boreholes

- Providing cash transfers to pastoral households that have lost much of their livestock

- We plan to help a total of 600,000 people in Wajir and Turkana over the next six months by providing cash assistance for food, access to water. Provide information on good hygiene through radio programme and community mobilisers