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Cuban women in Banes, Holguín, produce and commercialise efficient microorganisms as an economic and gender empowerment initiative. (Photo: Marta Rodrigues / Oxfam in Cuba)

  • Population: 11 million (July 2015 est.)
  • Human Development Index: 67 (among 188 countries)
  • GDP per capita: US $10,200 (2010 est.)
  • Population below poverty line: 21.9% (2011 est.)

Sources: CIA – The World Factbook (as of 11 January, 2016), Human Development Report 2015, The World Bank (as of 11 January, 2016)


Oxfam in Cuba

Oxfam has been working in Cuba since 1991, in partnership with local organisations and in support of equitable and sustainable socio-economic development. Oxfam has positioned itself primarily as a development partner of Cuban civil society. Since September 2015, Oxfam has been supporting a two-year 'Suburban agriculture and cooperatives building' project in Cuba, implemented by Oxfam in Cuba and its partner, the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP). The project contributes to economic empowerment and efficient finance management in 13 agricultural cooperatives in eight municipalities located in four provinces in Cuba: Holguín, Santiago de Cuba, Las Tunas and Camagüey.


Our work's focus

Gender justice - Support efforts to empower women and promote new social norms related to gender – and more broadly to advance women’s rights at a national level, focusing on violence against women as a particularly critical issue.
A fair and sustainable food system - Contribute to the development of a fair and sustainable food system in Cuba through improvements in production and marketing among small farmers, and by strengthening the local and national institutions that support these men and women.
Community partnership - Work with communities and national institutions to help Cuba become more resilient to disaster, adapt to the impacts of climate change, and respond to disasters more effectively when they do occur.


Impact of our work

Rural women working together in Cuba

'This project has changed our lives positively. We have gained more independence and are motivated. Today we value who we are and what we can achieve if we come together.' - Mailén Basallo Leon

(Photo: Marta Rodrigues / Oxfam in Cuba)

Mailén Basallo Leon, the youngest woman involved in the suburban agriculture and cooperative building project that Oxfam supports, is one of the leaders in an agricultural production cooperative called 'Juanito Garcell'. With Oxfam's support, Mailén and other women are ready to promote new economic initiatives. [By joining a participatory workshop, they shared spaces in workshops and listened to what others has been a process of personal growth.] The road to achieving women empowerment will be long and they know it clearly; achieving this will depend on their ability to overcome these boundaries and challenges. The cooperatives gather the experience of more than 50 women who have defended their initiatives as a territory, a body and a country, and these women are counting on their strong ownership of the Oxfam programme to bring about change.

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