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Oxfam Wedding Favour Donation Form (Macao)

suggested donation amount

$5,888 serving 180 Guests  Best for 15 Banquets (Includes: 15 Greeting Cards, 180 Oxfam Wedding Giftboxes) 
$7,888 serving 240 Guests  Best for 20 Banquets (Includes: 20 Greeting Cards, 240 Oxfam Wedding Giftboxes) 
$13,888 serving 432 Guests  Best for 36 Banquets (Includes: 36 Greeting Cards, 432 Oxfam Wedding Giftboxes) 

(Unit Price: MOP 33)

Online donations cannot be cancelled or refunded once they are processed.

Please fill in the below form for credit card donation or you can choose download order form,and other payment methods

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If donate/payment by UnionPay, can only choose to settle in Hong Kong dollars.

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