Oxfam Colour ME 2.0 - Cards for a Cause
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Oxfam Colour ME 2.0 - Cards for a Cause

Oxfam Colour ME 2.0 - Cards for a Cause

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Oxfam Colour ME 2.0 - Cards for a Cause 
Lamps, clean drinking water, stationery, seeds  all of these may sound ordinary, but these necessities are still inaccessible to a lot of people around the world. Through Oxfam Unwrapped's gifts though, anyone can support Oxfam’s work, and enable people to gain access to what they need. 

Do you want to take part in this meaningful programme? We’re looking for people to flex their creative muscles and design the Oxfam Unwrapped gift cards that will be sent with each purchase. We’re looking for designs that depict the Oxfam Unwrapped gifts and illustrate the importance of these gifts. We hope that through your artwork, people will have a better understanding of the purpose behind purchasing these gifts, and learn about poverty around the world.

This project will take place simultaneously around the world. (You can refer to the ‘How do I participate?’ section for more on how and when to submit your piece.)You will receive an electronic certificate upon completion, and your masterpiece will be displayed in Oxfam’s online ‘Brighten Up a Life!’ gallery.

We hope this project will illustrate Oxfam’s anti-poverty projects in such a way that will help more people truly understand the pressing needs of those experiencing poverty.

How do I participate?
You can choose to either join the ’Freestyle’ category, where you can freely create your design on a blank canvas based on the given themes, or join the ‘Colour in Style’ category, where you can colour in a template.
1. Freestyle (create a design based on the given theme; colouring is not required) Click to download a blank canvas
Blank canvas

2. Colour in Style (colour in an existing template) Click to download a template
A Pair of Goats
Multi-functional Seeds
School Kit for Girls
Equal Access to Opportunity

Artwork specifications
You can use any style and medium to create a two-dimensional piece of artwork.

People of all ages and abilities are welcome. 

Please complete the online registration form and upload your artwork to our website. 

Last Year's Designs
2021 artwork

  Phone:3120 5187