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Oxfam Hong Kong, since 1976


Oxfam celebrates its 40th anniversary and launches the ‘Inequality Breeds Poverty’ campaign

OTW celebrates its 35th anniversary. Participants and sponsors raise over HK$39 million.


Nepal earthquake response

Report on Hong Kong’s Working Poor (2010 ‒  2014)’ is released to review the trend of working poor families over past five years

Low-income Working Family Allowance is announced through Oxfam and other organisations’ advocacy efforts

Holds a photo exhibition to draw attention to the difficulties ethnic minorities face in learning Chinese

‘Seven Years of Exploration – A Summary of Oxfam’s Programmees in China’ is published

Ya’an, China earthquake, Philippines typhoon and South Sudan crisis response

Official poverty line established in Hong Kong through Oxfam and other organisations’ advocacy efforts

Launches Home for Dinner campaign to raise awareness about the global problems of hunger and poverty

Sets up office in Macau

‘Just Bite’, a campaign against poverty and hunger in Hong Kong, is launched

Syria crisis response

Launches ‘GROW’, Oxfam’s biggest global campaign on food justice

Minimum wage legislation effective in Hong Kong, after advocacy by Oxfam and other groups
2010 Haiti earthquake and Qinghai, China earthquake response

Our first China Disaster Preparedness Warehouse in Chengdu opens to stock relief supplies

Oxfam fights for pro-poor climate change deal at United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen 
2008 Myanmar cyclone and Wenchuan, China (5.12) earthquake response
Oxfam co-founds Fair Trade Hong Kong, an alliance of groups advocating for fair trade 
Corporate Social Responsibility Survey of Hang Seng Index Constituent Companies published
2006 'Prosperity Initiative' formed in the Mekong to assist impoverished bamboo farmers
2005 Interactive Education Centre opens in Hong Kong
Advocacy efforts on working poverty and minority rights in Hong Kong begin
2004 Asia tsunami and Darfur crisis response
Establishes Oxfam Africa Development Fund to support projects across Africa

HIV-AIDS programme begins in southern Africa

Make Trade Fair, a campaign on economic justice, begins

First development project in Indonesia

Education Fund set up to provide children with sustainable access to quality education
2000 Research on minimum wage legislation in Hong Kong published
Launches Cyberschool, an online resource for teachers and students
1999 Joins UN delegation to monitor independence referendum in East Timor (now ‘Timor-Leste’); soon after, Oxfam begins implementing poverty alleviation projects there
1998 Its first book (in Chinese) on poverty alleviation in Mainland China is published

First projects in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)

Oxfam Club, a global citizenship programme for Hong Kong youth, is formed
1996 Anti-poverty projects begin in Hong Kong and a major research report is published
Oxfam Rice Sale begins, an annual fundraiser to support projects in Mainland China
1995 Oxfam Hong Kong becomes a founding member of international confederation of Oxfam
Begins offering Oxfam Grants for Development Education Projects in Hong Kong
1994 Rwanda genocide response
First projects in LaosMalawi and Sudan
1993 First projects in Bangladesh and India
1992 Inaugural Hunger Banquet, a public education event on inequality
Establishes Oxfam China Development Fund to support projects in Mainland China
1991 Monthly donor programme (later called ‘Oxfam Partners’) begins
1988 First project in Vietnam
1987 First community project in Mainland China (in Guangdong)
First community development project in Africa (in Mozambique)
1986 Advocacy for Vietnamese migrants/refugees’ rights in Hong Kong begins
The agency’s first community development project begins (in the Philippines)
1984 Ethiopia famine response
1981 Oxfam Trailwalker** begins in Hong Kong (the event will later be held in 11 countries)
1977 Volunteers open The Oxfam Shop
1976 Volunteers set up Oxfam Hong Kong*

* originally named 'Oxfam Group, Hong Kong'
** originally named 'Trailwalker'