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Population: 240 million
Living below national poverty line: 16.7%
Human Development Index: rank 111

Source: CIA World Factbook,, UNDP HDI Report 2009, UN Statistics Division Millennium Development Goals Database 2009


Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country. The country is now classified by the UN as a middle-income country, but still has very large numbers of poor people: 40 million people are living in poverty, and 96 million live on less than US$2 per day.

The country is very vulnerable to major disasters, including earthquakes and tsunami. An increasing number of shocks, such as fuel and food price rises and climate-related disasters, have exposed large numbers of people to vulnerability and have inhibited the country’s development. Women as a whole remain marginalised in decision-making and access to resources.

Oxfam Hong Kong has been supporting local organisations in Indonesia since 2001. Oxfam’s programmes focus on livelihoods and security, including:

  • support for the development of more secure and sustainable rural livelihoods
  • policy advocacy on issues such as agricultural, labour, climate change, humanitarian and gender issues
  • humanitarian response and disaster preparedness


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