Oxfam Hong Kong's Statement Regarding "Macau TrailWalker"

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It has been brought to our attention that an outdoor hiking event is being organised by Upward Bound Unlimited, a Macau-based company, and Macau's English newspaper Macau Daily Times, which they are calling "Macau TrailWalker". With regard to this event, Oxfam Hong Kong has the following statement:

  • Neither Oxfam Hong Kong nor any Oxfam affiliate in another country has any relationship with the company Upward Bound Unlimited, the newspaper Macau Daily Times, or the "Macau TrailWalker" event. 
  • Oxfam Hong Kong has NOT been approached concerning this "Macau TrailWalker" event and does not approve or endorse the event in any respect.
  • The funds raised from the "Macau TrailWalker" event will NOT be used to support Oxfam's work against poverty and disaster relief around the world.
  • Oxfam's Trailwalker event (previously named "Trailwalker") began in 1981 as a Gurkha-led training exercise for the army. Now in its 29th year, it has become one of the largest hiking fundraisers in Hong Kong. Oxfam affiliates operate Oxfam Trailwalker events in 13 countries/cities, including Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), New Zealand, Belgium, England (South Downs, Yorkshire Dales), Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Japan, France, Germany and Hong Kong. Spain will also join in 2011.
  • All Oxfam Trailwalker events around the world offer a comparable team challenge and follow the same standards of safety and organisation. The core rules are an essential part of the Oxfam Trailwalker brand. Any variation in the core rules would render the event unqualified to use the Oxfam Trailwalker name. These stipulate that teams of four (no relay) should complete the 100km trail within a specific time limit, according to the region where the Oxfam Trailwalker event is held. All Oxfam Trailwalker event participants are required to raise funds to support Oxfam's poverty alleviation work around the world. The minimum amount required is fixed by the local Oxfam organiser.
  • Oxfam Hong Kong has reserved the right to take appropriate legal action to protect the Trailwalker name.


Please contact otwinfo@oxfam.org.hk for enquiries.