Yunnan Earthquake

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A 5.7 magnitude earthquake rocked the border of Yunnan and Guizhou, at least 80 people were killed, 740,000 people affected. Oxfam staff arrived in worst-hit Yiliang County, Yunnan and Weining County, Guizhou for immediate assessment, and distributed the first batch of emergency supplies to the affected population.

Oxfam Hong Kong has ongoing poverty alleviation and development programmes in the impoverished areas in Yunnan and Guizhou. Over the years, the agency has responded to several disasters in the region, including the floods in Guizhou in 1991, the earthquake in Lijiang in 1996, the floods in Yunnan and Guizhou in 2006 and the drought in Yunnan in 2010.

Oxfam’s response at a glance: 

  • 14 September: distributed 500 waterproof fabrics in Yiliang County, Yunnan
  • 11 September﹕distributed quilts in Weining County, Guizhou; delivered the second batch of relief supplies to Yunnan;
  • 9 September – delivered 1,000 quilts to Weining County, Guizhou for distribution
  • 8 September – staff arrived Yiliang County, Yunnan; distributed 2,000 quilts, 528 waterproof fabrics, 1,760 mosquito nets and 1,000 family sanitary kits
  • 7 September – a 5.7 magnitude quake hit the border of Yunnan and Guizhou

• According to government officials in Yunnan, death toll has reached over 80, more than 800 people injured, and 740,000 people affected, (as at 9 Sept)