• Oxfam TowerRun 2018

    Every step you take makes a difference to people living in poverty. JOIN OXFAM TOWERRUN NOW!

  • Campaign with us

    Sign this online petition and demand the Hong Kong government to include and respond to Oxfam Hong Kong’s policy calls in the upcoming Policy Address and 2018-19 Budget.

  • Oxfam Dance Marathon


  • Oxfam Shop

    Here at the Oxfam Shop, we’re proud to bring you a world of quality through Oxfam’s Fair Trade products as well as locally produced products from various social enterprises. More than that though, Oxfam Fair Trade guarantees a long-term collaboration with cooperatives. Through purchasing these products, you’re supporting small producers and farmers, and are helping to building a better world.

  • 'Behind the Price' Campaign

    Oxfam is launching a new campaign to urge supermarkets and governments to crack down on inhumane working conditions, increase transparency about where our food comes from, tackle discrimination against women, and ensure a larger share of what consumers spend on food reaches the people who produce it.

  • Use of donations

    We are grateful for the generosity of our donours who have contined to support us under the chanllenging fundraising environment and we aim to allocate as much funds as possible to programmes. In 2017/18, we invested HK$222.0 million in our programmes.