"Water is life" - 专题故事 - 乐施会


发展项目, 非洲2012年8月30日

"Water is life"

乐施会 - 图像



“Oxfam is good for coming”
For coming to drill water
They have drilled us clean water!”

“When there is no water there is no life. Water is life.” – Helen Ewoton

Helen Ewoton lives in Turkana, Kenya. In mid-2011, a major food crisis affecting 13 million people was declared across parts of East Africa. Although the crisis is far from over, and rebuilding lives and livelihoods will take years, moments like those captured in this incredible video of a Turkana community celebrating a borehole we installed for them are a vivid reminder of how together, we can make a difference.

To learn more about Oxfam’s work in East Africa: