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Whether it is a marathon, a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a school reunion, a corporate activity, or even a fan club gathering – you can ask your friends or participants of the event to donate funds in lieu of gifts, and designate the donation to Oxfam Hong Kong.

myOxfam page is a designated fundraising webpage that allows you to help poor people while adding meaning and purpose to a special event. With just a few clicks, the joy of helping others can be shared by all!

Have fun and help people by setting up your own myOxfam page!

Setup myOxfam Page

Fill in the form with information such as details of the event and your fundraising target. You will receive the link to the page in 2-3 days, and you can then share it with your friends and supporters. By managing your fundraising activity online, you can keep track of the donation amount, reduce the problem of unfulfilled pledges, and increase the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts – all in one stop!

Remarks: Oxfam Hong Kong will review the details of the event before setting up your page

myOxfam Page: 3 easy steps

1. Set your fundraising target, complete and submit the online application form

2. Forward it to your friends and encourage them to support your event and Oxfam

3. Check your page often and keep track of the donation amount

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