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Arnold Fang

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Stepping Out of the Socialist Kingdom – Visiting Oxfam’s China projects with DPR Korean counterparts - 圖像

人道救援, 中國內地, 朝鮮民主主義人民共和國2013年5月09日

Renjiaba Village was one of the two communities visited during the Shaanxi trip with Oxfam's partners in DPR Korea. Oxfam has spent about one million yuan on rehabilitation work here since 2010.

Text and photos by Arnold Fang
Oxfam works through partnerships, and there is no exception in the challenging operating environment of DPR Korea (or North Korea). Our main partner in DPRK is a government agency called the Korean Committee for the Promotion of International Trade (KCPIT). Oxfam has worked with KCPIT for nine years now, and has built a good working relationship with the agency despite the many limitations applied to aid agencies in the country.

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