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Oxfam Lai See School Donation 2024 (Hong Kong)

Laisee banner 2024(Hong Kong)

New Year's red envelopes, carrying multiple blessings! Let impoverished children gain access to education and seize opportunities for a better future!

Giving red packets (Lai See) during the Lunar New Year is a Chinese tradition, and represents the blessings elders bestow on younger generations. While we celebrate this time of joy in Hong Kong, let be reminded kids on the other side of the world who have been displaced by climate change and not able to be educated in the last decade due to poverty. 


Kids in Cambodia

In Cambodia, the climate crisis and overfishing have led to a decline in fish stocks, endangering people's livelihoods. Parents are often compelled to ask their high school children to drop out and work to generate income. Even if children can continue their education without dropping out, it is difficult to hire teachers in impoverished areas, depriving them of educational opportunities. The lack of access to education due to poverty raises concerns about their future.
(Photo︰Banung Ou / OXFAM)

Your red packet can help though – Supporting education for impoverished girls and transforming their lives. Share your blessings with people across the world this Lunar New Year!

♡ Supporting impoverished girls' access to education
Building girls' schools and providing scholarships to encourage girls to continue their education

♡ Improving learning environments and educational facilities
Reconstructing schools and improving teaching facilities in remote rural areas.

♡ Training teachers
Supporting teachers in implementing activity-based teaching, developing diverse teaching materials, and creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment to enhance students' interest in learning

♡ Advocating for equitable education policies
Research the local education situation and lobby the government's education agencies to promote equitable education.


School online registration formschool registration form

PosterDonAtion formReceipt formSchool letter template

Event Details:

Registration deadline: January 17, 2024
Donation collection period: February 26 to March 15, 2024. Oxfam will visit schools to collect red envelopes/donation boxes.
Who Can Participate: Students, teachers and parents – the more the merrier!
Schools should complete the online registration form or submit the registration form by fax/email before January 17, 2024. Schools that participate can request free Oxfam Lai See envelopes, stickers, event posters, Poverty sharing school talk (20-30 mins in Cantonese), school notice templates and donation forms. 

**Donations are tax-deductible with official receipts. To save administration cost, an official receipt will be issued for donations of $100 or above.

Donation Methods: 

Method 1: Cash Donation 

Collect red packets from the student after the Chinese New Year holiday. You are welcome to borrow a donation box from Oxfam in advance. Please collect all of the donations by February 28 2024.

Schools can donate to Oxfam Hong Kong in the following ways:
1. Count the donations (to reduce administrative costs for Oxfam Hong Kong) and deposit the total amount into the Oxfam Hong Kong’s account. Please send the deposit slip and donation form, by fax/email. (*refer to the donation form) 

2. Coordinate with Oxfam staff to collect donations from your school. The collection period is February 26 to March 15, 2024 (except Saturdays and Sundays). Finalised date will be confirmed accordingly.

Prizes and Awards:

  • Award



    School Participation Award

    no limit

    A certificate of commendation from school

    School Fundraising Award - Champion

    One from each category:  kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school


    Trophy and one free quota of *Poverty Lunch.
    *The event date and details need to be arranged and confirmed with Oxfam colleagues, and it is only available for the 2024 academic year.



    School Fundraising Award -1st runner up

    One from each category: kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school

    l Fundraising Award -2nd runner up

    One from each category: kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school

    t Participation Rate Award

    One from  each category: kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school

    Trophy and Boardgame (1 set)

  • Each school participating in this event will be awarded a certificate of commendation.
  • Winners of the School Fundraising Award and the Highest Participation Rate Award in the kindergarten group, primary and secondary school groups will receive a free quota of hosting a Poverty Lunch at school by Oxfam and trophies respectively.

This year, school Laisee campaign will be held during the Lunar New Year period. We invite students, teachers, and parents from all schools in Hong Kong to participate in this meaningful event. Every contribution you make will help support more impoverished families and protect climate refugees. Our goal for this year is to reach 600,000 Hong Kong dollars to support underprivileged children in getting their school supplies again.


contact us :


Ethan Choi(852) 3120 5122ethan.choi@oxfam.org.hk

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