Overseas Development Programme
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Oxfam's overseas programmes

We can end the injustice of poverty that hundreds of millions of people around the world face, but this demands a powerful and practical response. That’s why we work with our partners to carry out a range of work – everything from running life-saving emergency responses to implementing life-changing development projects to campaigning to change policies that affect the most marginalized.

We at Oxfam envision and work towards creating a world where women and men are valued and treated equally, and able to influence the decisions that affect the lives. Our six goals to achieve this vision put these people at the centre of everything we do. These goals include 1) ensuring the rights to be heard, 2) promoting gender justice, 3) saving lives and building back better, 4) safeguarding global food supplies, 5) empowering people to claim their fair share of natural resources and 6) increasing money for essential services.

Together, we can transform more lives!

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