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Yu Jiangyan, 13, Primary Six student from a remote village in Yunnan Province. Although Jiangyan's grandparents have already recovered from leprosy, she has experienced discrimination ever since she was little. Her grandparents look after her and her younger brother and sister, while her parents work in the city.

With few opportunities to see what the world is like beyond the discrimination they experience in their villages. You can help broaden Jiangyan’s horizon and inspire her to learn.

By donating $6 a day, Jiangyan and 604 children from poor families in rural Yunnan will be able to take part in study tours, summer and winter camps organised by Oxfam. 

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Jiangyan wants to go out and see the world. After that, She wants to come back to the village and become a teacher.

Summer and Winter camps

Oxfam supports children from poor families in Yunnan to join Summer and Winter camps in Kunming, so that they can go out and see the world.