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Project Donation

Make a credit card donation by clicking the links below. You can also choose other donation methods.

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"RABI" - ASD children's best friend

Oxfam supports Science and Technology for Autism Remediation (STAR) Limited, a social enterprise, to help improve the social skills of children with autism with its pioneer RABI (Robot for Autism Behavioural Intervention) course and traditional Chinese treatments.  

Bicycle Donation

Bicycle beats povertr

Will you help girls beat the odds and realise their dreams?

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Bee-lieve in and empower women to fight poverty

Your support can enable women farmers and marginalised smallholder producers to increase productivit..

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what is a Left-behind child?


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Oxfam Kids painting ASG

Be an "Oxfam Kid" Donor


donation in macau


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Oxfam Unwrapped goat

OXFAM unwrapped


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