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Vision and mission

OUR Vision

Imagine a world free of poverty and related injustices, where everyone enjoys wellbeing and rights. At Oxfam, we understand that injustice and structural exploitation are the root causes of poverty. To address these issues, we adopt a holistic, practical, innovative and sustainable approach in our advocacy, research, education, development and humanitarian relief programmes. Across the globe, we work closely with underprivileged women and men, partner organisations, fieldworkers, volunteers, governments and local communities to achieve the goal of a ’World without Poverty’.

OUR Mission

Poverty is a multi-dimensional issue, which should be addressed in an integrated manner. At Oxfam, we adopt a three-pronged approach:

One-programme integrated approach

We believe in an integrated approach to address poverty issues beyond simply distributing food and water to those in need. All units within Oxfam work closely together to create synergies and maximise the impact of our global movement for change. We campaign, advocate and raise awareness of poverty issues while educating and empowering the underprivileged to help them sustain their livelihoods independently. We also provide relief support and rehabilitation assistance during natural disasters and human conflicts. We trust that poverty can be eradicated through individual and institutional change, as well as community development.



Rights-based approach

Oxfam believes everyone is entitled to his or her basic rights to eliminate the injustice of poverty. The underprivileged in developing countries suffer from poverty because they are deprived the assertion of their rights. Through advocacy, research and lobbying efforts, Oxfam influences governments to implement policies to protect the basic rights of the underprivileged. We believe advocacy is the driving force to enact change to address structural injustice.

We believe advocacy is the driving force to enact
change to address structural injustice.

Partnership approach

We believe poverty will only be eradicated through creating synergies between all stakeholders. We understand the needs of the underprivileged and identify the gaps where other stakeholders can contribute their support. In practice, we work hand-in-hand with the underprivileged, donors, fieldworkers, local organisations, governments and the community at large to achieve the ultimate goal of a poverty-free future.

Partnership Approach

Our Core Values

At Oxfam Hong Kong, our culture is shaped by our values, which reinforce what we care about and how we do things, not just what we do. Our five core values drive everything we do at Oxfam Hong Kong:
•    Justice
•    Empowerment
•    Inclusiveness
•    Accountability
•    Innovation