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Zambia: Assessment of the Status of the Zambia’s Agriculture Sector Development Framework and its Impacts and Contribution to Improvement of Small Scale Producers’ Livelihoods

The agricultural sector remains the major employer of many Zambians and the government has set it as one of the five priority sectors for economic development. Therefore, it is also the sector expected to bring tangible outcomes in poverty reduction for the Zambian society. The Zambian government and other stakeholders have been trying to facilitate and create an environment that is conducive, both in terms of policy making and implementation, for small scale farmers to develop into medium scale producers. However, the current situation in Zambian agriculture remains that of low productivity, underdeveloped market mechanism, inadequate extension services, inadequate credit facilities and poor rural infrastructure among others. This report comprehensively analyzes the developmental achievements of agriculture in Zambia, while in-depth case studies are conducted for some particular aspects. . This report also reveals the challenges and difficulties currently faced by small-scale farmers during the development.