Eat Fair Campaign 2023/24
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 What is "Eat Fair Campaign"?

Our dining habits and poverty are closely intertwined. In the face of increasingly frequent natural disasters, worsening climate change, unfair trade and unequal distribution of resources, vulnerable groups are facing crisis of hunger and poverty. Surprisingly, around 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year, which is equivalent to one-third of total population. Food waste exacerbates global climate change issues, and climate change is bringing a severe impact to vulnerable groups, threatening both their quality of lives and livelihoods.

Oxfam is introducing an all-new public education program "Eat Fair Campaign" in both Hong Kong and Macau, to ignite discussion on relationship between poverty and food crisis among the public, in hopes of inspiring more people to take action in alleviating poverty. Hong Kong illustrator Stella So(@stellasoart) and Macau illustrator Pundusina(@pundusina) are cordially invited to join this campaign by designing a series of promotional and educational resources. Stay tuned for more details on this campaign!


 Ways to Participate


"Eat Fair Schools"

Schools that participate or organize two or more activities in 2023/24 academic year will be commended as "Eat Fair Schools". Activities include:

   Self-initiated activities
   Oxfam designated school talks / workshops
   Oxfam fundraising activities


"Eat Fair Shops"

Calling for restaurants and shops to engage in "Eat Fair" actions, including:

   Provide vegetarian, low-carbon emission, or fair-trade menu
   Sell vegetarian, low-carbon emission, or fair-trade food / merchandises


"Eat Fair Corporate"

Encourage corporate to promote "Eat Fair" culture in workplace, including:

   Educational talks / workshops
   Provide vegetarian menus / organize vegetarian day

   Provide fair-trade items in office area


Contact Us

Hong Kong: (852) 3120 5235 / Macau: (853) 2878 9285

 Learn more on the relationship between food and poverty

Eat Fair Festival

Eat Fair Restaurant (Chi Only)

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