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Tower Run 2019

Every step you take makes a difference to people living in poverty

Oxfam Towerrun

THE OXFAM TOWERRUN, which takes place annually at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre – the tallest building in the city – is a fundraising sports event that Oxfam in Macau has organised since 2014. This year marks the event’s 7th anniversary. 

Participants will take up the challenge of running up 1,298 steps from the ground floor of the tower to the adventure deck on the 61st floor. Oxfam aims to raise funds through this event to support its poverty alleviation and humanitarian relief work worldwide.

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Event Crowdfunding Page

Join Oxfam TowerRun 2020 with Macau Elite Trailrunner Vivi Cheung!



Event Information

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone globally. This year, Oxfam TowerRun’s theme is ‘Run with positivity. Reach new heights!’ We encourage people in Macau to support us. We are working in more than 60 countries and regions to protect the poorest and most vulnerable from COVID-19 and its impacts.

The Oxfam TowerRun, takes place annually at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre – the tallest building in the city. It is a fundraising sports event that Oxfam in Macau has organised since 2014, and this year marks the event’s 7th anniversary. Every year, participants take up the challenge of running up 1,298 steps from the ground floor of the tower to the adventure deck on the 61st floor. Oxfam aims to raise funds through this event to support its poverty alleviation work worldwide.

The event includes individual and team relay challenges. Upon raising the minimum donation amount, participants can take part in the individual challenge, or join the team relay through their company or organisation. Not only can participants enjoy this exciting challenge, they can also raise funds to help the poor around the world become more self-reliant and improve their livelihoods.

Run with positivity. Reach new heights.

This year, we have added the Oxfam Virtual Run. You can choose to do the run on different routes at any time and any place, individually or as a family. You can also choose to run, hike, climb stairs, jog, or use a treadmill or other equipment at home. Participate in the Oxfam Virtual Run at your convenience and pace!

If you are a novice runner, you can invite your family members and friends to take up a simple challenge, improve your health, and do your first 2.2 km run. There are 2 categories of Oxfam Virtual Run: individual and family. These categories are suitable for individuals who want to challenge themselves or families that want to take up a simple activity on the weekend. To sign up for the family category, you need a minimum of two people and can add up to six team members!

Villagers in Jangle Karuia village in India walk 2.2 kilometers to the well to fetch water every day

The Oxfam Virtual Run allows participants to experience the hardship of Indian villagers of Jangle Kauria, located in heavily populated Uttar Pradesh, where villagers walk 2.2 kilometers to fetch water every day. The minimum distance for those in the individual category is 4.4 km, which is the total distance villagers need to walk to fetch water. Individuals can also choose to take up a 10 km challenge. 

We encourage parents to bring their children to participate in the challenge together, in this way they can teach them and help them develop empathy, and learn to be grateful and cherish things that are too often taken for granted. 

Indian women learning to use WASH equippment
Villagers in Jangle Kauria in Uttar Pradesh, India, learn to use hand pumps, which can be used to speed up water testing in remote areas and ensure the safety and sanitation of drinking water. (Photo: Oxfam India)
Forming DRR group for community resilience
Oxfam has been working closely with local community leaders and groups through various hygiene and health promotion activities, putting forward emergency plans, and allocating work to improve the resilience of the village to prevent the spread of the virus. (Photo: Oxfam India)


Donate $160 for the safety and hygiene kit to a poor family (masks and soaps)

Donate $360 for a drinking water filter to a household to enable them to drink clean and safe drinking water

Donate $1000 for 2 WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Kits to a household (4 buckets with lids, 2 mugs, 2 packs of sanitary pads, masks and soaps

Purpose of Donation

Pandemics know no borders, neither should compassion. Only when we support one another, can we beat the threats ahead together.

The current coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone globally. Oxfam is working around the clock with local partners, ministries of health and key UN agencies in more than 60 countries and regions to protect the poorest and most vulnerable from the coronavirus and its impacts – from slums in India to refugee camps in Bangladesh. We’re delivering public health programmes, meeting acute needs as well as bringing cash assistance to those who are most in need.  

learn more about Oxfam's response to Covid-19


Imporant dates

Regisration17 Aug - 21 SepOxfam webpage
Deadline of regisration21 Sep (Mon)Oxfam webpage
Runner's pack collection

11 - 12 Oct
10:00 - 19:00

Oxfam in Macau officeRedemption by friends is allowed
Event day 

18 Oct
09:00 - 14:00

Macau Tower G/FPlease pay attention to the Oxfam website and email announcement
Result announcement 1 week after the event dayOxfam webpage


In accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Health Bureau-Large-scale Sports Safety Guidelines, and in order to ensure that participants have enough space and time to complete the event, there will be a limit on the number of people in each group. Places are limited; first come, first served.

Principal sponsor of the event AIA will donate $100 to Oxfam for every runner who completed 1,299 steps (1,298 stairs in the entire tower + one step after crossing the line).

Cateogories Minimum donation amountQuotaBest record
Individual Challenge (Full Race – 61 levels) Men’s Race










Individual Challenge (Full Race – 61 levels) Women’s Race



Individual Challenge (Half Race – 31 levels) Men’s Race






Individual Challenge (Half Race – 31 levels) Women’s Race



Team Challenge (Relay for teams of FOUR – 61 levels)1st team: MOP/HKD5,000
2nd team: MOP/HKD3,000


20 teams




prizes and gifts 

Results will be published on the Oxfam TowerRun webpage after the event. All participants will receive exquisite gifts from our sponsors:

Individual Challenge Champion
Men/ Women
 (Full Race – 61 levels / Half Race – 31 levels)
4 Macau Cruise tickets (single trip) and 1 SEIKO watch
1st Runner-up of Individual Challenge 
Men/ Women
(Full Race – 61 levels / Half Race – 31 levels)
3 Macau Cruise tickets (single trip) and 1 SEIKO watch
2nd Runner-up Individual Challenge
Men/ Women
(Full Race – 61 levels / Half Race – 31 levels)

2 Macau Cruise tickets (single trip) and 1 SEIKO watch
Champion of Team Relay1 whole vessel trip (single trip) on Macau Cruise and 4 SEIKO watches
1st Runner-up of Team Relay

12 Macau Cruise tickets (single trip) 

2nd Runner-up of Team Relay8 Macau Cruise tickets (single trip)
Top Fundraising AwardMOP 1,000 Supermarket Voucher


Runner’s gift pack:

  • Event tee
  • Event medal (awarded at the event)
    medal1    Medal2

                             HalfRace                                                           FullRace

  • BCM bank souvenir towel
  • Macao Water souvenir towel
  • Healthy snacks (given at the event)
  • Vitasoy pack drinks (given at the event)
  • AIA Lightweight Storage Arm Bag
  • AIA sweat-absorbent wrist towel
  • Macau Tower dining 10% off voucher 
  • AJ Hackett Macau Tower 10%off voucher:
    Participants representing BIR or blue card (non-resident ID card) on the event date (18 Oct, 2020) can enjoy a 10% discount!


Original priceDiscounted price

Bungy jump












Important dates 





Online registration17 Aug - 27 Oct

Oxfam TowerRun Webpage and Run2Gather platform


Registration deadline27 Oct (Tues)

Oxfam TowerRun Webpage and Run2Gather platform


Event duration1 Sep - 31 OctFree choice


Engraved medal collection1 - 31 DecLei Kei Telecom
G/F, 101A, Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira
Redemption by friends is allowed


There is no limit on the number of people running online. You are welcome to register for both categories and provide the same records at the same time. Participants only need to download the Run2gather mobile app and register as a member to register for the event.


CategoriesMinimum donation amountEngraved medal
Individual4.4 km (complete in 1 run)


1 medal

10 km (complete in 1 run)

Family group of 2 (complete 2.2 km together)
Each additional member (each group can add up to 6 members)


1 medal per member

Regisration procedures 

【how to register Run2gather event?】


Log-in screen

 Insert email address and password

Choose event

 Choose the event 

Register and choose item

 After entering the competition, select the registration project (additional products can be purchased)

Personal details

 Enter contact information and shipping address. And complete the payment procedure.

【How to upload your running record?】


v-run screen cap

 After logging in to the app, find the event you participated in in the event and upload the record.

V-run intro

 Upload at least one picture for record, maximum for upload will be three. 






upload record

 Choose to enter the time distance and sharing. In addition, you need to confirm that the uploaded information is correct.

upload record 2
 If you find repeated uploads or incorrect records, you can delete the record.

Oxfam virtual run gift pack

Each member will receive a unique engraved individual medal or family medal, family medals are : 


 A certificate 

 Individual category (One for each participant): Inflatable neck pillow

 Family group (One for each participant): Eco foldable cup

Air pillow

Inflatable neck pillow

Plastic cup

Eco foldable cup


*Chi Only* 特別措施及注意事項:


  1. 大會將實施分段時間集合,各組別將獲安排指定到場集合時段。非該時段集合之參加者,將不能進場;

  2. 每位進場人士必須經體溫測量門檢測體溫,並要求提交「澳門健康碼」;如有需要,工作人員亦會以手持測溫槍等儀器作複檢;

  3. 大會如發現參加者出現發燒等徵狀,有權要求該參加者離開,並取消其參加資格而恕不退回捐款;

  4. 建議參加者先進入會場內空曠且空氣流通地方才開始熱身運動,避免因體溫過高而不能進場;

  5. 入口處設有適量口罩及酒精洗手液以供使用;

  6. 所有參加者及工作人員將全程配戴口罩,只有在必要時才可除下口罩,例如:熱身、進行比賽、進食等,除下口罩時應儘量與他人保持至少一米的距離;

  7. 每位已經測溫之所有參加者及工作人員,均需配戴手環作識別;

  8. 每位參加者將獲發「Ready Go衞生用品包」一份,內有扶樓梯欄杆用之手套、吸汗手腕巾、獨立酒精消毒液等,供活動日使用;

  9. 建議參加者應儘量使用吸汗手腕巾,避免用手接觸欄杆等物品後再手執毛巾擦汗;

  10. 賽事進行期間參加者或需用雙手扶著梯間的欄杆往上跑,大會建議參加者使用大會派發之手套,確保衛生;

  11.  場地會按權限而分開到指定區域,例如:起步區只可供參加者及工作人員進入,親友、記者及觀眾應只可停留於其他指定周邊區域;

  12.  大會將管制進入活動場地的人流,將入場人數控制在場地一般可容納人數的50%或以下。人流過多時應暫停進入,讓參加者在空曠地方排隊;排隊時,人與人之間應保持至少一隻手臂長度的距離;

  13. 參加者完成比賽後必須儘快離開終點區域,避免不必要的聚集;

  14. 參加者衝線後,將不會由義工給掛上完成獎牌於身上,將改由參加者於指定區域自取; 

  15. 電梯口設有口罩及酒精搓手液供參加者使用,電梯按鈕會每半小時消毒一次;

  16. 電梯地板上按照社交距離標示可站立位置,減少同時聚集大量人群;頒獎典禮將從簡,避免出現過多人同時於台上。為避過多人群聚會,大會或有需要於活動後補發獎項;

  17.  如有大量參加者或工作人員出現病徵,大會通知衛生局疾病預防控制中心,個人衛生、環境清潔消毒、空調通風等相關指引請參閱抗疫專頁:

注意事項 :

  1. 所有參加者須年滿18歲;
  2. 大會收到報名資料後將向參加者發出確認電郵;
  3. 大會將於活動前向參加者以電郵方式發出「參加者須知」,通知有關活動安排,包括登記時間、活動程序表及免費行李寄存服務等資料;
  4. 參加者須確保個人健康狀況良好適宜參加是次競跑籌款活動,所有參加者必須簽署參加者聲明書;
  5. 參加者必須遵從大會工作人員之指示參加比賽,如發現參加者違規或擾亂秩序,大會工作人員有權要求參加者立即停止比賽及離開場地,並有機會取消其參賽資格;
  6. 比賽結果將於活動後公布,大會有權作出最終決定權,參加者不得異議,詳情請留意本網站;
  7. 活動如有任何更改,恕不另行通知。主辦單位及合作夥伴保留一切修改活動細則之最終決定權,參加者不得異議;
  8. 參加者須於2020年10月12日或之前將所有捐款交予樂施會,以計算「最高籌款獎」;
  9. 由此活動籌得之捐款將全數捐予樂施會。所有捐款將恕不退回;
  10. 為節省行政開支,捐款滿澳門幣或港幣100元或以上方可獲發收據。

After the registration period, the runners list will be uploaded to our website .

 Runners' notes 
 Application form (Invidual) 
 Oxfam TowerRun Disclaimer (Individual)
 Application form (Team Relay)
 Oxfam TowerRun Disclaimer (Team Relay)
 Redemption of Oxfam Towerrun Gift Pack
 Redemption of Oxfam Virtual Run Medal
 Payment method 


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