Global Citizenship Education

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In these globalised times, people are interdependent as never before. Inspiring young people to think about their roles and responsibilities as global citizens has become very important. Oxfam Hong Kong facilitates Global Citizenship Education in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, to help young people to observe carefully, think critically, reflect conscientiously and act responsibly about local and global poverty issues.

Through participatory and empowering learning processes, learners are enabled to learn through action about the interdependence between different peoples or countries. Learners will gain skills to discern, in everyday life, the linkages between the world, one’s nation, one’s community and oneself, and also to think critically and to respond proactively to issues of global poverty and injustice.


    1. To be aware that each person is a member of the world: To treasure the interdependence between peoples, countries and species, and be willing to explore and reflect, in everyday life, on the relationship between oneself, one’s community, one’s nation and the world, and to respond in a responsible way.
    2. To respect oneself and others: To respect the dignity, rights and value of every person.
    3. To build and to live with positive values: To embrace values such as justice, diversity, love, peace and sustainability, and to be willing to practice these values in everyday life.
    4. To develop critical thinking: To learn to read the world critically and be able to understand where one’s ideas and those of others come from; to know their limitations, and to realise that no one person’s understanding of the world is comprehensive and that no one person is most correct and knows best.
    5. To develop a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission: To be aware that every choice and every action has its consequences and that every person is able to bring positive or negative changes to the world through his/her action.


Click here to learn more about Oxfam’s Global Citizenship Education (Chinese only) 

Explore poverty and development issues with young people through various interactive workshops

Intensive youth training programme to probe into poverty issues; assist teachers in developing Global Citizenship Education

Funded Global Citizenship Education Project for Upper Primary School Students with a wide range of experiential learning activities

Specify mission and values of Global Citizenship Education; providing substantial teaching materials in various fields

Organize different parent-child workshops to develop kids’ empathy and encourage them to show their care to other people

Hold public events and exhibitions to call for attention on poverty issues

Grant provided to support organisations to integrate Global Citizenship Education into their work