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S’way With Us, Warm a Heart With Us


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S’way With Us, Warm a Heart With Us
BY Oxfam Hong Kong

Performances by emerging musicians

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BY Oxfam Hong Kong


Raised: HKD$65,487

Target: HKD$50,000


Tang Lewis 鄧昊峰 - Cello 大提琴
Cheung Yung Ting Talia 張雍婷 - Harp 豎琴

Sunday Duet (Lewis Tang & Talia Cheung)

Sunday duet is a cello and harp duet formed in 2018. Our mission is to promote this unique combination to people and to explore different musical possibilities and repertoire. Sunday duet have recently won 3rd Prize in the Hong Kong Generation Next Arts Chamber music division and have won other prizes in previous years.

Sherry Tse 謝尚禮 - Violin 小提琴

Sherry Tse, aged 8, is a primary 3 student in Kowloon Tong School (Primary Section). She started learning violin at age 4, under the mentorship of Ms. Lei Xin. Currently, Sherry is studying violin under Mr. Fan Ting and Miss Camille Poon.
At age 7, she had passed the ABRSM grade 8 violin examination with distinction. In the same year, she was offered scholarship and was admitted to the External Studies Institute of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and studied with Professor Robert and Bella Canetti. In October 2021, shortly after her 8th birthday, she had her orchestral debut as a soloist with the Inheritage Philharmonic. She is selected by the International Fringe Association as one of the Hong Kong Outstanding Young Musician in 2021.
Sherry had won 1st Prizes in multiple open competitions, including Vienna Music Examination Board Competition 2020 Summer Semester, International Fringe Association Music Festival and Competition 2020 and 2021, Tokyo International Youth Music Competition 2021, New York Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition 2021 (1st Prize and Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize), London, Bonn and Salzburg Grand Prize Virtuoso 2021 International Music Competitions 1st Prize and Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize. She was invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Beethoven House (Bonn) and Solitar, Mozarteum (Salzburg).
In 2021, Sherry had participated in the 6th International Stage4Kids Festival in Hamburg, Germany and Jerusalem Seasons Festival “Spring Concert”. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Sherry was invited by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra to participate in the [Phil Your Life with Music – Underneath the Lion Rock] video.
尚禮多次在公開比賽中獲獎,包括:維也納音樂考試局主辦比賽2020及東京國際青少年音樂大賽2020網上預選賽8級小提琴獨奏冠軍,國際藝穗音樂節大賽2021 傑出弦樂演奏家組冠軍,紐約Golden Classical Music Award 國際賽2021冠軍及年輕傑出才藝特別獎,倫敦,波恩和薩爾茲堡Grand Prize Virtuoso 2021國際音樂大賽第一名和傑出才藝特别獎。她並獲邀到紐約卡內基音樂廳,倫敦皇家阿爾伯特音樂廳,貝多芬故居(波恩)和莫扎特音樂廳(薩爾茲堡)演出。
尚禮曾參與2021年初德國漢堡第六屆 Stage4Kids 國際音樂節及以色列耶路撒冷春季音樂節演出。在2020年新冠肺炎大流行期間,尚禮受香港管弦樂團邀請參與了[Phil Your Life with Music-獅子山下] 的演出。

Liu Sz Kai Neil 廖偲楷 - Piano 鋼琴

Neil studied piano with Prof KWOK Gabriel, Head of the Piano Department of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He won four first prizes in the piano solo and duet groups at the 70th, 71st and 73rd Hong Kong School Music Festivals for three consecutive years. In addition, he also performed at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall and the West Kowloon Cultural District Xiqu Centre Grand Theatre.

Yiu Erdocia Carlos Kai Shing 姚佳成 - Oboe 雙簧管

Yiu Erdocia Carlos Kai Shing is a young performer from Hong Kong. Currently studying in Diocesan Boys' School, Yiu has actively participated in musical ensembles both in and outside school, along with exploring other genres such as jazz and hip-hop.
As the principal oboist of the Diocesan Boys' School Symphony, Yiu has done numerous performances with the Symphony and has performed with the Hong Kong Generation Next Arts Finale Orchestra. Furthermore, He was given the opportunity to perform in the Musikverein in Vienna and is actively looking for opportunities to perform music with his friends.
姚佳成是來自香港的年輕表演者。 目前就讀於拔萃男書院,佳成積極參與校內外的音樂合奏,並探索爵士樂和嘻哈等其他流派。
佳成多年來一直擔任拔萃男書院交響樂團的首席雙簧管演奏家,並曾在維也納金色大廳表演。 佳成亦曾與香港新世代藝術協會樂團合作演出,並積極尋找機會與朋友一起演奏音樂。

Wah Chi Shing 華智誠 - Saxophone 色士風

Born and educated in Hong Kong, Anthony Wah has graduated from the Chinese
University of Hong Kong. Under the tutelage of Mr. Timothy Sun, Wah has attained ATCL and LTCL diplomas in Saxophone Performance in 2013 and 2016 respectively. He has also held his personal recital in Lee Hysan Concert Hall, “Kizuna Concert”, in Jan 2017, featuring a great variety of music, such as Libertango by Astor Piazzolla and Yukinohana by Nakashima Mika. Also, he was selected as one of the Young Music Makers 2017 of RTHK Radio 4, as well as adjudicators’ choice.
As an enthusiast in band and orchestral music, Wah is currently playing as a saxophonist in various wind ensembles and bands, including the Young Musicians Wind Orchestra, Kong U Big Band and Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra.
華智誠爲香港中文大學商科畢業生,同時為非音樂主修的色士風手。華氏自2012年起師從孫穎麟先生學習色士風,並於2016年以優異成績考獲LTCL (聖三一 六級音樂演奏文憑)。於2017年一月,華氏於香港中文大學利希慎音樂廳舉辦了首次色士風個人獨奏會:「絆」音樂會,節目包括多種不同風格的作品,如皮亞佐拉的「自由探戈」及中島美嘉的「雪之華」。此外,他亦於2017年1月獲選為香港電台樂壇新秀,並獲選為評判之選。
除了個人獨奏以外,華氏亦活躍於本地樂團演奏,現時華氏於多個樂團擔任色士風手,包括香港青少年管樂演奏家、Kong U Big Band及Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra。

Sophie Leung Hing Fei 梁馨菲 - Violin 小提琴

Currently a student at Diocesan Girls' School, 14 years old Sophie Leung Hing Fei started to learn violin with her mother Ms. Liu Fei and collaborative piano with her father Mr. Andy Leung at the age of 4. Since Primary 5, Sophie has been studying in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Junior music program under the tutorship of Professor Ivan Chan.
Since then, Sophie has been a regular participant of various Music programs with scholarships in the USA, such as the Philadelphia international Music Festival in 2017, the Heifetz international Music Institute summer program 2019-21. Sophie was awarded scholarships from the HKAPA, DGS, Dorothy Richard Starling foundation and Yang Won Sun foundation in 2021.
Sophie has won many prizes such as the Winner of the 2nd concerto competition of the Hong Kong Youth Orchestra, Champion of the Advanced level of Inherit Philharmonic youth Violin competition, 1st place of open group in the Hong Kong International Young Musicians competition, Grand prize winner of Strings senior Division of HKGNA international music competition 2021 etc.
Passionate about violin, Sophie's ambition is to be an excellent violinist with the hope to engage more people in the beauty of music through her performance.
Sophie was invited to perform the Mozart Violin concerto with the Hong Kong Orchestra under Mr. Leung Kin-Fung’s baton in Hong Kong City Hall in August 2021. Sophie is representing as the associate concertmaster of DGS symphony orchestra.
Words for Donors: So grateful that I could perform in this Christmas concert to share the joy of music to everyone. Hope that all those in need will be cared and supported! I sincerely wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
現年14 歲的梁馨菲就讀於香港拔萃女書院,由 4歲起她便跟隨母親劉菲女士開始學習小提琴,期間也跟隨父親梁浩銘先生學習鋼琴。馨菲小學五年級時考入香港演藝學院青少年音樂課程,跟隨陳浩堂教授學習小提琴至今。
馨菲獲過的獎項包括香港青年樂團協奏曲比賽優勝者,傳承愛樂青少年小提琴大賽高級組冠軍,香港國 際青年音樂家大賽亞太區公開組冠軍,HKGNA國際音樂比賽弦樂高级組大獎等等...
馨菲還利用暑假參加不同的國際著名音樂節,並獲得獎學金,包括 2017年費城國際音樂節,美國海飛茲國際音樂學院夏令營 2019-21。2021年更獲得香港演藝學院,女拔萃書院,美國Dorothy Richard Starling 基金會,Yang WonSun基金會頒發獎學金。

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From: 李湘雲 小姐 ( Date: 2021-12-28 01:06:00 )

多謝S'way Music Studio & Timothy Sun

From: Anonymous ( Date: 2021-12-20 19:26:00 )

Support Sherry Tse

From: Mr Man Chi Lai ( Date: 2021-12-20 17:03:00 )

Support Sherry

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Support Sherry

From: Mr Cheung chun Yip ( Date: 2021-12-20 16:06:00 )

Sherry ! Pls add oil ! Good show !

From: Mr Chiu Richard Wing ( Date: 2021-12-20 15:43:00 )

Uncle Richard cheers for you, Sherry!

From: Ms Chan Lau Shok Yue Christina ( Date: 2021-12-20 14:17:00 )

Thank you Miss Sherry Tse謝尚禮小朋 for her performance

From: Mr Ma Hector Tin Ging ( Date: 2021-12-20 11:13:00 )

To support Sherry Tse.

From: Anonymous ( Date: 2021-12-20 11:01:00 )

Support Sherry Tse

From: Mr Tse Ka Ming ( Date: 2021-12-17 16:43:00 )

Support Sherry on her performance at S'way

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