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Legacy Giving

leave a legacy to extend your love

Continue to be a supporter of Oxfam Hong Kong, and a partner with poor people, beyond your own lifetime. Name Oxfam Hong Kong as a beneficiary in your will. Your legacy to Oxfam will help fight poverty for years to come, help create a better world, and help Oxfam enormously in our future planning.


- Donor's Testimonial - 


Ms. Leung, Oxfam's Monthly Donor

'Equal access to education should be available to all children to help them flourish. That's why I've made a will to donate part of my legacy to Oxfam Hong Kong - I want to help more children through education and poverty alleviation programmes. I'm glad that my gift will carry my legacy forward to build a brighter future for children.'



- Legacy Giving Information - 

Oxfam works with partner organisations and people from poor communities around the globe to find practical and innovative ways so they can lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We do this by implementing long-term development programmes in vulnerable communities, saving lives and rebuilding livelihoods when crisis strikes, and campaigning so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them. We invite you to be a part of this mission by giving a legacy to make real and positive change, so that we can all realise a world without poverty!

humanitarian reliefHumanitarian Relief

To promote hygiene, we have installed new handwashing stations in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, stepped up soap and detergent distributions, and provided information sessions on prevention measures.

urban povertyUrban Poverty

In Hong Kong, Oxfam is distributing meal kits to low income families. We are also equipping them with basic knowledge on nutrition and healthy eating with dietitians. Part-time job opportunities for women from low-income backgrounds have also been created as they help prepare the meal kits.

Basic EducationBasic Education

We support the education of left-behind children in Mainland China through various initiatives, including the reconstruction of schools, provision of school social workers, and promotion of teacher and parent-child training.


We implement livelihoods improvement programmes such as beekeeping projects in Ethiopia and Nepal by providing tools like honey extractors, honey press, and gloves to women to increase their productivity and incomes.

You can include Oxfam Hong Kong in your will, donating a fixed sum of money, or all or part of your valuable items such as stocks, securities and properties to Oxfam Hong Kong.

The information below is provided for your reference should you decide to assign Oxfam Hong Kong as a beneficiary organisation in your will or life policy.

  • Beneficiary Organisation and Address: Oxfam Hong Kong (17/F, China United Centre, 28 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong)
  • Certificate of Incorporation Number: 215859

Remarks: Please note that Oxfam should not be appointed as an executor of your will or trustee of your estate due to our legal status. We suggest that you discuss the selection and appointment of executors with your legal advisor.

Oxfam Hong Kong is collaborating with 'ForeverGift', a legacy giving platform, to promote legacy giving through will-making service. You could make a will with the help of the solicitors and are invited to include Oxfam Hong Kong in your will. Your gift can help us reach more vulnerable communities around the world, and make a real impact on the lives of generations to come.

ForeverGift.hk would assign a Hong Kong practising lawyer to write your will according to your wishes. When the will is ready, you would be able to meet the lawyer and have your will signed and witnessed at the lawyer’s office. It’s a simple and easy way to make a legally effective will. 

To make your Will for free, please register through:
(i) This website: forevergift.hk/oxfamhk-eng; or
(ii) WhatsApp: (852) 5468 3635 (ForeverGift)
If you provide this voucher code during registration, your Will would be prioritised: OFHK-FREE2022
For enquiries about the service, please call (852) 5468 3635 (ForeverGift).

You can name Oxfam Hong Kong as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, and donate all or part of the sum assured.

Easy way to extend your love through policy giving



Fill in the 'Request for change form'* to name Oxfam hong kong as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy and fax back / post to your insurance company


Confirm the 'request for change' form with your insurance company


fill in the reply form below to inform oxfam hong kong about your decision


The information below is provided for your reference should you decide to assign Oxfam Hong Kong as a beneficiary organisation in your will or life policy.

  • Beneficiary Organisation and Address: Oxfam Hong Kong (17/F, China United Centre, 28 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong)
  • Certificate of Incorporation Number: 215859

Remarks: You can contact your own insurance agent or company for the ‘Request for Change’ Form. You will need to submit the required information upon request by the insurance company to join the Policy Donation Programme. Please visit http://www.policydonation.org.hk for more details.


- Reply form to Oxfam Hong Kong - 

Thank you very much for leaving a legacy gift to Oxfam Hong Kong. Your information will remain confidential and you are free to change your mind about your gift at any time. 

(Please note: This reply form is only for our records and has no legal effect.)

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The personal data collected will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used by Oxfam and its service providers for the purposes of donation administration, receipt issuance and related communications.
To connect closely with you and to keep you informed of Oxfam’s work against poverty as well as advocacy, development and fundraising progress, Oxfam and its service providers may use your contact information (name, telephone, email and address) for the purpose of communications, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and survey administration. Please indicate below if you agree to being contacted for these purposes. You may choose to stop receiving such information at any time; please inform us by post or email to info@oxfam.org.hk.
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