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Continue to be a supporter of Oxfam Hong Kong, and a partner with poor people, beyond your own lifetime. Name Oxfam Hong Kong as a beneficiary in your will. Your legacy to Oxfam will help fight poverty for years to come, help create a better world, and help Oxfam enormously in our future planning.

A legacy continues the spirit of ‘Help Poor People Help Themselves’ and can take many forms:


  • Pecuniary legacy: Donate a fixed sum of money.
  • Residual legacy: Donate all or part of the remainder or residue of your estate after all other gifts, taxes and debts have been paid out.
  • Specific legacy: For example, property, stocks or shares.
  • Policy giving: Name Oxfam Hong Kong as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, and donate all or part of the sum assured.



Easy way to extend your love through policy giving

Policy Giving is a simple concept and one that requires little effort to extend your love and care to the poor people. Discuss with your family and consider donating a whole policy or a certain percentage (e.g. 90 per cent to a family member, 10 per cent to Oxfam Hong Kong).

Step 1: Fill in the Information Changing Form* and fax back / post to your insurance company
*Form can be requested from your insurance agent or customer service department of your insurance company.

The following information may be useful for you:
Name of the beneficiary: Oxfam Hong Kong
Address: 17/F, China United Centre,28 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Registration number of Oxfam Hong Kong:215859

Step 2: Confirm the application form with your insurance company
Step 3: Fill in the Notification Form and fax back to Oxfam Hong Kong
(Fax:(852) 2590 6880 / attn: Mabel Wong)


For more information: Mabel Wong
Tel: 3120 5206 / Fax: (852) 2590 6880 / Email: mabel@oxfam.org.hk