Oxfam Musical Marathon

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Oxfam Musical Marathon, sponsored by Tom Lee Music, is celebrating its 28th anniversary this year, and held on 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun) April at various shopping malls around Hong Kong. This event is an unique opportunity for musicians of all ages to share their talents while raising funds to help people around the world escape poverty.

For enquiries, please contact Miss Yan Ip at 3120-5220 or by email at yan.ip@oxfam.org.hk .

2018 Photo Album

About Oxfam Musical Marathon

Oxfam Musical Marathon is an annual fundraising event that we at Oxfam Hong Kong organised to support our Smallholder Farmers Development Fund. All proceeds from the Oxfam Musical Marathon will be used to help smallholder farmers around the world to improve their lives.

Highlight photos of Musical Marathon 2017