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CITIC Capital & Trustar Capital Trailwalker Teams

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CITIC Capital & Trustar Capital Trailwalker Teams
BY CITIC Capital

CITIC Capital & Trustar Capital Trailwalker Teams

BY CITIC Capital


Raised: HKD$194,308

Target: HKD$20,000


When a crisis like the coronavirus hits, we are all impacted. Since late January 2020, with the limited supply of masks and disinfectant and the price of these items soaring in Hong Kong, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has placed an exponentially greater burden on vulnerable groups as many of them cannot shoulder these expenses. Together with our local partners, we have distributed masks, hand sanitizer and rice to street cleaners, elderly people and other vulnerable groups.

On a global scale, Oxfam has been working tirelessly with local partners in over 60 countries and regions to protect the poorest and most vulnerable from the coronavirus and its impacts. As of the end of Jan 2021, we have reached over 11.9 million people. The pandemic has not only been putting an unbearable burden on public health systems around the world but has also been exacerbating already severe inequality. Oxfam is calling on governments to support developing countries with an economic rescue plan to keep poor and vulnerable communities safe and afloat.

Thank you for your support again! We wish you good health in these difficult times. May we continue to persevere together!

Team Members:
Eric CHAN, Stanley CHING, Eric XIN, Boon CHEW, Anthony HO, Alfred CHUNG,
Kash LAM, Stanley WONG, Dickson WONG, Jennie TSANG, SAM PONG, Kenny YIU

CITIC Capital

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