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30 JUN 2014

African Crises – South Sudan Update

South Sudan - Latest Situation
Since an acute humanitarian crisis in South Sudan broke out in December 2013:

  • At least 10,000 people have lost their lives.
  • Over 1 million people displaced within South Sudan and over 360,000 refugees sought safety in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan.
  • In total, approximately 4.9 million people need urgent humanitarian support, including 200,000 children suffering severe acute malnutrition.
  • Camps are becoming overcrowded and poor sanitation is increasing the risk of disease, with reported cases of cholera in the capital Juba increasing.

Oxfam’s response

Since December, Oxfam has reached over 261,000 people across South Sudan, including 63,000 refugees in Uganda. Besides, Oxfam is calling for donor governments to turn their promises of pledged US$600 million into actual aid money, when they met at a conference in Oslo in May under the auspices of the UN. Moreover, Oxfam are engaged in national, regional and international advocacy, promoting dialogue and understanding to encourage peace building. Oxfam has:

In South Sudan:

  • Distributed food to over 125,000 people in Mingkaman and Jonglei
  • Reached more than 180,000 people with clean water and safe sanitation, by drilling boreholes, setting up water supply systems, constructing latrine and conducting waste disposal and hygiene training.
  • Supported around 23,000 people in Juba with public health promotion and improved water facilities, in order to prevent the spread of cholera.

In Uganda:

  • Distributed fuel efficient stoves for cooking, provided tools and seedlings for families to establish kitchen gardens for growing vegetables to supplement their diet.
  • Constructed boreholes and distributed chlorine tablets for water purification, constructed latrines and washing facilities.
  • Conducted cash-for-work programme, so that people have the chance to earn income on basic construction work like clearing access roads and digging waste pits.


Central African Republic – Latest Update

A conflict in the Central African Republic has broken out since the March coup by the Seleka rebel coalition.

• An estimated 551,600 people displaced within Central Africa Republic (CAR) and over 133,700 refugees sought safety in Cameroon, Chad, RDC and Congo
• Approximately 2.5 million people need urgent humanitarian support

Oxfam’s response
Oxfam has reached over 18,000 people across CAR and 12,000 refugees in Chad. Besides, Oxfam has established a coordination forum with 30 members. Through this forum, Oxfam has led two joint-NGO statements, called on all armed actors in CAR to improve the protection of civilians and security, and to ensure the safety of aid workers and respect humanitarian principles. Oxfam has:



  • 600,000 litres per day of clean water are produced in the water treatment station under Oxfam’s management. Water trucking is ongoing to ensure safe water in three sites.
  • One off cash transfer was provided to 1,550 families who can access markets.
  • Support vulnerable women who want to return homes, to set up commercial activities, such as selling dumplings, cakes and gardening products etc.

In Chad

  • Distributed 2700 water filters to displaced families, constructed or rehabilitated 5 water points.
  • Conducted cash-for-work and unconditional cash voucher programme targeted over 10,000 people