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11 JUN 2014

Flooding in China Update

Flooding in Guizhou

Latest Situation

Torrential rains hit southern China in mid-May, which triggered flooding in several provinces, including Guizhou, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan and Yunnan. Serious flooding was experienced in Guizhou, while heavy rainfall also caused landslides in Yunnan. There was a second round of heavy rainstorms in Guizhou Province in early June, which resulted in more damage to eight cities (and autonomous region) and 50 counties. As of 9 June, the storms had left 1.5 million people affected in the province, with 10 dead and one reported missing. A total of 110,000 people need to be relocated urgently and 88,000 people require assistance with daily needs. Around 2,700 houses have collapsed and 21,000 have been seriously damaged. About 67,900 hectares of farmland and 10,400 hectares of crops have been damaged. The direct economic loss is estimated at HK$3.5 billion.

Oxfam’s Response

On 26 May, Oxfam conducted an on-site need assessment in Tongren, a severely affected settlement in Shiqian County, with Guizhou Blue Sky Search and Rescue Team, a local partner organisation. After the initial assessment, Oxfam arranged for 1,000 quilts and three sets of containers for water trucking to be delivered from its disaster preparedness warehouses in Guizhou. Oxfam distributed the quilts to flood-affected populations in four townships in Shiqian County and provided 1,500 people in Chuanyanba Village, Longtang Township, with a 10-day emergency supply of water. It also distributed 105 tonnes of rice to 7,000 people in Longtong and Zhongba townships, and provided cash grants to 84 families whose houses have been seriously damaged in Longtang Township. In total, 8,500 people are benefiting from Oxfam’s emergency assistance.

In early June, the second round of heavy rains hit Guizhou Province. Shiqian County, which had been seriously affected by the previous rainstorms, experienced the most damage. Oxfam made an assessment with Guizhou Blue Sky Search and Rescue Team on 5 June and launched a second round of emergency relief work. It has provided cash assistance to 32 families whose houses were seriously damaged in Dashaba Town. It has also provided a month’s supply of food to 4,100 farming households affected by the disaster, and a two month supply to 500 farming households that are especially poor. Oxfam expects the emergency assistance will benefit over 4,700 people.


Flooding in Yunnan

Situation and Response

Serious flooding and mudslides occurred in Latudi Village in Fugong County on 10 May, affecting 300 people and damaging 75 houses. There was a direct economic loss of HK$44million. Some of the villagers also require urgent evacuation.

Oxfam has immediately delivered emergency relief supplies from its disaster preparedness warehouse in Kunming to the affected area, and distributed family hygiene kits, cooking utensils and water containers to 47 farming households there. Oxfam has collaborated with several partner organisations under the Yunnan Volunteer Relief Alliance on disaster assessments and relief work to build up their capacities in humanitarian response through practical experience.