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09 JAN 2012

JUST BITE a success!

The JUST BITE campaign against poverty and hunger in Hong Kong has succeeded in many ways.

Most of the policy suggestions put forward to the Hong Kong SAR Government – such as improving the food bank services, creating job opportunities for poor people in outer districts, and providing rental assistance for poor elderly people living in rented accommodations in private housing – have   been accepted by the Government. We thank the 4,680 people who signed their name in support of the policy suggestions.

More than 20 organisations also supported the campaign, Oxfam extends particular thanks to the individuals and families who joined the project and agreed to share their personal experiences and hardships.

As part of the campaign, Oxfam Hong Kong created a popular installation-exhibition visited by more than 18,000 people in 6 districts, 2 universities, and 15 secondary schools. The exhibition was mobile, inside a bright green truck. This website has also been popular among students and the media alike.

Oxfam helped arrange 130 pieces of media coverage in the local, regional and international press, which amply communicated the complexity of Hong Kong’s poverty.

There is still a lot of work to do. Oxfam will continue working against poverty and hunger in Hong Kong in two main ways: supporting local partner organisations to carry out specific projects with poor people, and on public campaigns and policy actions.

In the year 2012, our focus will be on reducing poverty in the workforce and among elderly people, and advocating job creation policy to assist low-income people in Hong Kong.

For more about Oxfam's poverty alleviation work in Hong Kong: