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24 SEP 2015

Oxfam Hong Kong appoints Dr. Trini Leung as new Director General

Oxfam Hong Kong announced the appointment of Dr. Trini Leung to succeed Dr. Stephen Fisher as Director General of the agency with effect from 1 October 2015.

‘Under the leadership of Dr. Fisher, we have seen remarkable progress in our poverty alleviation and development work,’ said Dr. Lo Chi Kin, Chair of Oxfam Hong Kong Council. ‘After years of advocacy and research on our part, the Hong Kong Government set its first official poverty line and introduced the Low-income Working Family Allowance to help working poor families improve their basic standard of living. During his tenure, we have also continued to actively promote the development of communities, improve rural livelihoods, strengthen our humanitarian relief and disaster risk reduction efforts, and empower women in mainland China, Asia and Africa. On behalf of the Council, I would like to thank Dr. Fisher for his invaluable efforts and contributions.’

‘As the world enters a new era of poverty reduction, the complexity of poverty and its dynamics requires a solution that tackles its structural causes. Alleviating poverty and achieving sustainable development is now becoming more difficult than ever,’ Dr. Lo added. ‘In face of the challenges ahead, we are pleased to have Dr. Leung on board. With her wealth of expertise and experience, I believe she is capable of leading Oxfam through these tough times in order to benefit poor communities, fight for justice and achieve our goal of realising a world without poverty.’

Dr. Leung has been working in local and overseas non-governmental organisations for over 30 years and has been committed to promoting sustainable development and poverty alleviation globally. Her scope of expertise covers labour issues, corporate social responsibility, climate change and international trade practices. She has participated in various international advocacy initiatives and is well versed in managing civil society organisations.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Dr. Leung completed her Doctor of Philosophy in the politics of reform and new social movements in China at the University of Hong Kong and later worked at Oxfam Great Britain as a trade policy advisor. Dr. Leung hopes that by joining Oxfam in the fight against poverty, she will be able to unite the efforts of colleagues, partner organisations and the community at large to bring about change in the world and set a new milestone in the efforts to end poverty.

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