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17 DEC 2014

Oxfam Unwrapped Fundraising Website: Oxfam Ambassador Myolie Wu recommends a pair of goats as Christmas gift

In celebration of Christmas, Myolie Wu, Oxfam Ambassador, is calling on the public again to visit the Oxfam Unwrapped website ( ) to select a Christmas gift. The gifts they purchase will be sent on behalf of their loved ones to people living in poverty, while a greeting card can be sent to loved ones to share the joy of giving.

Myolie Wu, an Oxfam Ambassador who has supported Oxfam Hong Kong for 8 years, suggests buying a pair of goats (HKD600) for loved ones. This gift goes with a newly-designed B.Duck Christmas card, bringing blessings not only to friends and family but also to people living in poverty. Through the pass-it-on system, the goats’ offspring from one family will be passed on to other poor families, thereby benefiting the entire community.

This year, Oxfam Unwrapped is offering 14 practical gifts that will benefit people living in poverty; prices range from HKD250 to HKD1,280. Some of the selected gifts include 10 ducks (HKD480), preschool education (HKD520), a pair of goats (HKD600), a piglet (HKD680), teach a teacher (HKD800) and doctor training (HKD1,000).

Money raised from the purchase of Oxfam Unwrapped gifts will be used for specific poverty alleviation projects that Oxfam runs. For example, money from the purchase of 10 ducks will be used to support local farmers to raise ducks. All purchases will go towards helping poor people work their way out of poverty and create a sustainable future.

For any enquiries regarding Oxfam Unwrapped, please call 3120 5000 or email

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Myolie Wu, Oxfam Ambassador, recommends a pair of goats as Christmas gift.

Myolie Wu, Oxfam Ambassador, supports Oxfam Unwrapped.