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16 DEC 2015

Statement on hoax Oxfam Unwrapped activities in mainland China

Oxfam Hong Kong recently discovered a hoax website in Mainland China that raised funds in Oxfam’s name through an assumed Oxfam Unwrapped campaign.

Oxfam Hong Kong states that Oxfam Unwrapped is a registered fundraiser and only sells ‘gifts’ through its official website. Oxfam has not conducted its Oxfam Unwrapped campaign through any other website to raise funds in the Mainland, nor has it authorised anyone or any organisation to raise funds there. These activities are in no way associated with Oxfam.

For enquiries, please contact us on (852) 2520 2525.

Note: Oxfam Unwrapped puts a spin on traditional gift-giving as it raises funds through gifts that help others. Through Oxfam Unwrapped’s website , the public can purchase unique and meaningful gifts on behalf of their loved ones to bring about real and lasting changes in the lives of people living in poverty.