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03 SEP 2014

Yunnan Zhaotong Earthquake Update

The 6.5-magnitude earthquake jolted southwest China on 3 August 2014 at Longtoushan Township, Ludian County, Zhaotong City of Yunnan Province. According to the official statistics, the quake caused at least 3,000 deaths and injuries,  and more than 1 million people were affected. Oxfam Kunming field office staff have arrived three severely affected areas – Ludian, Qianjia and Huize Counties for on-site need assessment and dispatching of emergency relief items, including quilts, foldable beds, tarpaulins and more. In response to the urgent need of earthquake survivors for food and shelter, Oxfam Kunming field office staff also formed logistics teams and obtained quotations for subsequent procurement of relief materials.

Oxfam paid special attention to the concerns of the remote communities in poverty, as well as the needs of vulnerable groups such as women and ethnic groups and more in our humanitarian response.

Latest Development

After the initial stage of disaster relief work in mid August, Oxfam sent staff to Ludian and Qianjia counties to dispatch more relief items, which include:


  • 32,310 kg of rice were dispatched in the two worst hit villages at Lehong Township in Ludian County. There was a great demand for food, as the villagers’ properties and food storage were destroyed during the quake(most of them did not grow rice on their own but bought it in the market), and there was in lack of resources since the roads were severely damaged, making transportation extremely difficult. 
  • 700 sets of cooking utensils were dispatched to survivors in Xindian and Baogunao townships in Qiaojia County

Summary list of relief items




Hygiene kits

Foldable Beds


Villages in Ludian County(Huodehong, Shuimo, Lehong townships), Qiaojia County(Xindian and Baogunao townships), as well as in Huize County (at the relocation area for Zhichang Township, which were threatened by floods due to overflowing of Barrier Lake





1,000 torches, 1,000 clothings, 32,310 kg of rice, 18,000 instant cup noodles, cooking utensils, water containers, wash basins and other daily items.