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Myanmar cyclone

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar's Ayeyarwady Delta and Yangon Division on 2-3 May 2008; and 140,000 people were either killed or went missing. Some 2.4 million people in the Ayeyrwady Delta and Yangon were affected. The cyclone destroyed homes, schools, farmlands, fishponds, and livestock. Cyclone Nargis was the worst natural disaster in Myanmar and the 8th deadliest in the world with losses and damages reaching $4.1 billion.

Oxfam has assisted 500,000 people by:

  • Ensuring access to safe water for 64,620 households
  • Rebuilding community ponds
  • Giving materials to over 53,000 households to rebuild their homes
  • Supporting the rebuilding of schools, childhood care and development centers benefiting almost 19,000 students
  • Working with partners to build communal latrines and hand washing facilities
  • Providing fuel and farming and fishing equipment to 11,500 households for livelihood recovery
  • Providing emergency food or establishing cash grants and cash-for-work opportunities for over 26,400 households to help them recover and diversify small business opportunities
  • Conducting training to strengthen the ability of local organisations to manage finances, build confidence, and increase participation, particularly of women
  • Lifeline jetty construction in Chaungwa village on Pyinkhayine Island, for benefiting almost 18,000 people on the island


Oxfam Hong Kong contributed over HKD 7 million towards this emergency response.