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School Talks

In 2023/24 academic year, apart from our regular topics for school talks and human library, we explore on the new themes "Globalization and Global Citizenship" and "World Without Poverty and SDG" to engage students comprehensively in poverty related discussions.

Target Audience: primary - college students

Format: on-site / online

Activity Fee: $2,500 per session (Chinese)/ $3,000 per session (English) 

Note: If the activity is to be held in school, additional $500 will be charged

ThemeTopicSummaryTarget AudienceLength
Local Poverty*Is Hong Kong in Poverty?Sharing on existing condition and exploring the causes of wealth disparity in Hong Kongsenior primary - college students45 minutes
Local PovertyHuman Library with Grassroots Elderly Elderly shares on the difficulties faced in everyday lives and how the policies affect their quality of lives.junior primary - college students45-60 minutes
Global Disparity*Global InequalityStudy the latest trends and underlying causes of global wealth disparity.junior primary - college students45 minutes
Global Disparity*Hunger Crisis and PovertyExplore on the current situation and causes of global food crisis, and discuss on ways to alleviate hunger and poverty.junior primary - college students45 minutes
Global Disparity*Globalization and Global CitizenshipExplore on the phenomenon of social inequality under globalization.secondary - college students45 minutes
Conflict and Multiculturalism*Human Library with South AsiansEngage with dialogue with South Asian youths to learn about their challenges encountered living in in Hong Kong.secondary - college students60 minutes
Environment and Sustainable Development*Climate Justice and PovertyFind out how has climate change affect people in poverty.senior primary - college students45 minutes
Environment and Sustainable Development*World Without Poverty and SDGIntroducing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and guiding students to reflect on how SDG is related to alleviating povertyprimary 6 - college students45 minutes

* Can be conducted in English