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13 workshops linked to 4 major poverty issues 


Local Poverty﹙4 workshops available﹚

"The incredible box" ﹙subdivided flats X picture book X craft﹚

Elderly Poverty Outdoor Simulation (Chi Only) (elderly in poverty X community tour)

Simulated Training on Visiting Elderly (Chi Only) (elderly in poverty X simulated experience)

Elderly Poverty Indoor Simulation (Chi Only) (elderly in poverty X simulated experience)


Global Disparity﹙2 workshops available﹚

A Story behind the Chocolate (Chi Only) ﹙ethical consumption X interactive drama﹚

"If the World Were a School of 100" ﹙global poverty X picture book X craft﹚


Conflict and Multiculturalism﹙4 workshops available﹚

A Girl without a Home (Chi Only) ﹙refugee X simulated experience﹚

South Asian Game Workshop (ethnic minorities X game)

Community Tour with Ethnic Minority ﹙multiculturalism X community tour﹚

South Asian Life Workshop ﹙ethnic minorities X social inclusion﹚

climate change

environment and sustainability﹙3 workshops available﹚

"Monsters Eat My House" ﹙climate crisis X picture book﹚

Captain Farmer Boardgame workshop (Chi Only) ﹙livelihood of farmers X board game﹚

A Cloud On The Horizon ﹙climate change X interactive drama﹚