Crisis in Ukraine
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Delivery of an Oxfam latrine to a community damaged by shelling and bombardment in Ukraine

Photo: Kieran Doherty / Oxfam


Last updated 24 Feb 2023

24 February marks one year since the war started in Ukraine. One year on, many people have lost their jobs and suffered severe damages to their homes, and property. The main sources of livelihoods – agriculture and employment in factories – have been significantly disrupted. Regular waves of attacks on energy infrastructure continue to cause destruction and leave millions with no electricity, disrupting water supply and heating systems, while temperatures have fallen below zero in most parts of the country.


When we go to people who have no window, and give them light,
both literally and figuratively, you open up this tunnel of light for them
so they can see something beyond these ruins.

Oxfam's Partner (Anika community foundation)


Oxfam has ReACHED more than 140,000 people so far in ukraine


Oxfam is currently working in Ukraine and collaborating with local partners to support people impacted by the war by providing humanitarian assistance, including clean drinking water, hygiene kits, repairing damaged homes and supporting farmers with means of production. We also offer legal and psychosocial assistance which helps them rebuild normal lives.

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