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Hind Aleryani, Clara Law

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Hind Aleryani (pictured) is a communications officer of Oxfam in Yemen. He was born in Yemen and has worked in humanitarian relief for many years. Oxfam provides water and emergency support to displaced people in Yemen. She is responsible for communication coordination and records the stories of women and children. She likes to walk, stay in the fuel shortage, and walk to the people who need assistance.

Clara joined Oxfam in early 2015, and the cattle are fresh, responsible for the communication work, like to tell stories of poor people around the world, and also care about local issues. Although old, I really believe that the starting point of the "infinite world" is in everyone's heart.

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Humanitarian, Middle East18 AUG 2015


文:Hind Aleryani 樂施會駐也門傳訊幹事
翻譯/整理:劉德欣 樂施會助理傳訊幹事


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